Like Sorghum Molasses on Cathead Biscuits

Looking for Barnfinds on the Backroads of America goes with Bluegrass Music like Sorghum Molasses on Cathead Biscuits!

I love finding Barnfinds, Bluegrass music, driving down the Backroads and the beautiful heart of the People in America.   Does that sound hokey?   Well, sorry if it does….it’s who I am and what I believe.    I am a dumb old country boy who has the best job in the world, playing in my work and working in my play every-day, and doing it with car guys while Bluegrass Music is playin!   I learned at least one important thing during college was a distinct love and appreciation for Bluegrass Music.   In fact, I picked up the five string banjo and learned a pretty good bit.   The last 15 or 20 years I have gotten busy with life and stuff and so I have not paid attention to my banjo pickin’ too much.   But, I am going to change that.

Three years ago, my friend Bud Brutsman of Brentwood Communications  (very capable and successful TV production company in North Hills CA) did a pilot for a TV Show we called BarnFinds which our good friends at The Travel Channel picked up so we were off and running!    Travel changed the name of the show to Backroad Gold.   Filming started and we were off runnin’ down Backroads looking for Gold!    Funny thing that it takes about four full days to film a 22 minute completely edited segment of TV.    It helps if you are not intimidated by cameras and such (which I am not) and it also was pretty cool that Travel wanted my 84 year old Dad, my daughter Casey, my Son-in-law Greg Cunningham, and head wrench Hal Everett in the mix of this show which is centered around Honest Charley Garage and Speed Shop, next door to our primary business, Coker Tire Company.    While we were smack dab in the middle of filming all eight episodes I saw my buddy Audie Blaylock at a Hot Rod Power Tour event. I had sponsored his group Audie Blaylock and Redline for the music for the Power Tour stop in Muskegon, Michigan.    The Hot Rod Power Tour crowd loved them, and I guess you know I always love hearing the wonderful music this great group makes.

Now to the rest of the story, as the saying goes…

I asked Audie and his band to write the theme song for the Backroad Gold.    In fact,  Reed Jones of AB & R wrote this killer song and I tell ya….it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, it is so good.   The name of the song is “The Road That Winds”.    Here is a link to Audie Blaylock and Redline’s website.    Check em out.   They are my newest bestest hero’s!   And,  don’t forget to tune in to The Travel Channel every Wednesday night at 9:30 PM EST and PST to catch us.

From the road (that winds!)