We get lots of great questions, while we're at shows and on the phone with customers. We want to educate our customers to make the ordering process smooth and easy, so we're going to do a series of tech articles that explain several of our most popular questions. The first of these is measuring the bolt pattern before ordering a set of our wheels. It's an easy process, but it can easily be misunderstood, which can sometimes result in ordering the wrong wheels! Take a look... On a four-lug, six-lug or eight-lug wheel, measuring is easy, as you measure the distance between two studs from center to center. A quick glance at a five-lug pattern shows that you don't have a good measuring point, so it is common practice to measure from the center on one stud to the furthest point on the stud across from it. You can do this with a regular measuring tape. Before you order any of our steel wheels, please do your best to measure for the correct diameter, width, backspacing and bolt pattern.