140907_Cannonball_0080 Four years ago, we were introduced to the Motorcycle Cannonball, as it made a pitstop here at Coker Tire in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. At the time, the endurance race was intended for motorcycles built in 1916 or earlier. It was a grueling event that saw participants rebuilding engines, transmissions and more on a regular basis. Although the rules have changed since that original event in 2010, the event is still a torture test for the riders and support crews. The 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball required riders to start in Daytona Beach, Florida, and man-handle their vintage bikes all the way to Tacoma, Washington. Along the way, they stopped here at Coker for an evening of thrashing to get their machines ready for the next day of riding. 140907_Cannonball_0011 With an average of 300 miles per day, the near-4,000-mile trip would be tough, even on a more modern motorcycle. The age limit for this year's Motorcycle Cannonball is 1936, which is still incredible, considering the rarity and fragile nature of these vintage bikes. When the bikes rolled into Chattanooga, we were blown away with the variety of the makes and models from years past. We saw a bunch of Harley Davidsons and Indians, as well as a number other makes, such as BMW, Moto Guzzi and more! Many of the bikes rolled on original-style tires, which is one of our specialties. Our vintage motorcycle tire product line includes well known brands such as Firestone, Indian script and our house brand tires. It was great to see a lot of our tires on these long-distance machines, and it was great to see a lot of friends as they stopped at our place. A great turnout of spectators welcomed the racers to Chattanooga, and we even had a great turnout of modern motorcycles here at Coker. Check out our favorite pictures from the Motorcycle Cannonball and be sure to check out www.motorcyclecannonball.com to see where the endurance race will be stopping on its way to Tacoma. It's a must-see event! 140907_Cannonball_0025 140907_Cannonball_0020 140907_Cannonball_0056 140907_Cannonball_0068 140907_Cannonball_0050 140907_Cannonball_0095 140907_Cannonball_0107 140907_Cannonball_0115 140907_Cannonball_0120 140908_Cannonball_0123 140908_Cannonball_0128 140908_Cannonball_0133 140908_Cannonball_0148 140908_Cannonball_0155 140908_Cannonball_0173 140908_Cannonball_0175 140908_Cannonball_0139 140908_Cannonball_0177 [products]