We've said it over and over again--the right tires and wheels can take a somewhat questionable car and turn it into a real attention getter! It's a simple fact of sizing, style and stance that makes a car look great, especially in the hot rodding world. We recently had a car come in the shop that didn't quite have the right look. With about 30 minutes of work, we helped transform it into a cool, old school hot rod! [caption id="attachment_2554" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="This Model A sedan looks awesome with its new Firestones!"]Hot Rod Tires[/caption] Hot Rod Tires The car is a Ford Model A with a custom chassis, and a rumbling small block Chevy engine. It had a set of red Chevy rallye wheels on it and modern blackwall radial tires....that's NOT what we like to see! The owner had the right idea, and came to Coker for some fresh rubber. What he got was a set of Hot Rod Steel wheels, powder-coated satin black, and a set of Firestone bias ply whitewall tires. The sizing is 5.60-15 up front and 8.20-15 out back, making for a great big and little combination. With the new rolling stock, the Model A has a whole new look, and fits the hot rod style, thanks to some traditional tires and wheels. Check it out! [caption id="attachment_2550" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Before the transformation..."]Hot Rod Tires[/caption] Hot Rod Tires Hot Rod Tires Hot Rod Tires