After being in New Zealand for a few days, it's abundantly clear, New Zealand knows how to put on a rally! It's Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with a Kiwi spin. Days two and three included a "Wings and Wheels" at the Taieri Airport, an "Evening with Corky Coker," a ride along the coast in a vintage Train to Oamaru, and plenty of smiling faces. Photo Jan 16, 4 41 35 PM The "Wings and Wheels" was a great success with over 12,000 locals out to experience the vintage show of 600+ cars and over 40 airplanes. It was a rare sight to see so many well restored and maintained vehicles ranging almost a century! Activities included views of the vehicles as well as rides in some of the airplanes as well as some miniature pedal cars, live music, and a number of local vendors. Photo Jan 16, 7 44 00 AM Corky received a warm welcome that evening as the Velo International Historic Automobile Tour Grand Marshall and evening entertainment. Corky shared Coker Tire's history and included some highlight clips from both the 2015 Great Race as well as his show from the Travel Channel "Backroad Gold." He ended the evening with a question straight from the show's theme song - "Have you found what you've been looking for?" Many Kiwi's commented about Corky's genuineness and inspiration. Photo Jan 16, 7 58 12 PM The following Day saw 500 of the rally contestants aboard a vintage train up the coast to Historic Oamaru. The trip was as relaxing as it was breathtaking, treating the passengers to views of the eastern coast and many farms, ending with a lunch in Oamaru's Victorian downtown district with live music. Of note, with all of the inlets along its coast, New Zealand claims more coast line than the United States. Photo Jan 16, 8 59 38 AM Photo Jan 16, 12 54 51 PM Photo Jan 17, 1 51 07 PM Photo Jan 17, 3 35 34 PM Photo Jan 17, 3 43 37 PM Photo Jan 17, 11 15 25 AM Photo Jan 17, 11 17 51 AM Photo Jan 17, 11 27 50 AM Photo Jan 17, 11 44 04 AM Photo Jan 17, 11 59 07 AM Photo Jan 17, 11 54 06 AM Photo Jan 17, 12 12 25 PM Photo Jan 17, 12 31 20 PM