Noise Cycles Born Free 5 bike While we were out in California for the Grand Opening of our new facility, we had the chance to meet a guy who is one of the best custom motorcycle builders in the world. His name is Scott "T-Bone" Jones, his shop is called Noise Cycles, and this '52 Harley Panhead is his creation. You know you want to find out more about this race-inspired custom motorcycle, so keep reading to get the full scoop. Noise Cycles Born Free 5 bike Scott's background in custom motorcycles includes working for Jesse James among other acclaimed builders. He went out on his own in 2012, and builds high end custom bikes out of his shop in Santa Ana, California. He's a super nice guy, and he uses our tires on a regular basis, so we invited him to display his Panhead at our Grand Opening party last week. Noise Cycles Born Free 5 bike Noise Cycles Born Free 5 bike This bike started as a Harley Davidson. The swing-arm style frame came from a '60s Panhead, while the engine is a 1952 Panhead. Custom features start at the front of the bike and work their way to the rear--nothing was left untouched on this motorcycle, and we love it. The Panhead racer rolls on tires that are intended for vintage cars, but that's one of the details that really makes it stand out. The front tire is an Excelsior Comp H 4.00-19 and the rear is a Firestone Deluxe Champion 5.50-16 and the end result is a race-ready combination that adds a lot of personality to an already unique motorcycle. Noise Cycles Born Free 5 bike Noise Cycles Born Free 5 bike The bike hit the show scene last year, and took Best in Show at Born Free #5 out of 10,000 bikes. He most recently displayed it at the Mooneyes show in Japan, which is a hotbed for custom bikes and hot rods. During our time with Scott, he was most excited when he found out he could get Firestone 2.75-21 tires from can bet he'll be using this tire on the front of many future builds, as it is the perfect size and tread pattern! Noise Cycles Born Free 5 bike[products]