140923_Noise_0006 Last year we met Scott Jones, the man behind Noise Cycles in Santa Ana, California. He uses our tires on most of his custom motorcycle builds, and he seeks inspiration for his own builds thorugh vintage racing bikes and old motorcycles in general. With that in mind, we told Scott that any time he had an excuse to be in Tennessee to stop by and see us. He did just that on his way back from the Brooklyn Invitational, a huge motorcycle show in New York. Noise built a special bike to debut at the Brooklyn show, and it was finished just in time to make the event. The bike has a no frills look, but closer inspection reveals TONS of hand made components, and one very interesting feature that involved a lot of thought and fabrication. Keep reading for more... 140923_Noise_0021 When the "Brooklyn Bike" was in the works, Scott called us and presented an idea to use a car tire and wheel on the rear of this bike. So, we studied some measurements, and figured out the perfect tire and wheel combination. The result is a Firestone 5.00/5.25-16 whitewall tire, mounted to a 16x4-1/2-inch Hot Rod Steel wheel. Scott spent countless hours adapting the car tire and wheel to the motorcycle swing arm assembly, but the result looks like it should've been this way all along. Up front, Noise used a conventional motorcycle tire, a Firestone Deluxe Champion, sized at 4.00-19. The bike is powered by a Harley Davidson Shovelhead engine, mated to a Panhead primary. The frame is a Harley Davidson swingarm style design, which was popular in the Panhead and Shovelhead era. The subtle details and killer craftsmanship of this bike is something that might be overlooked by an untrained eye, but we want to show you the details so you get a grasp of just how cool the Brooklyn Bike really is--check it out! 140923_Noise_0015 140923_Noise_0005 140923_Noise_0032 140923_Noise_0056 140923_Noise_0048 140923_Noise_0053 140923_Noise_0051 140923_Noise_0067 140923_Noise_0069[products]