We're passionate about cars, motorcycles, and basically anything with a motor, but you'll never find a group of folks more passionate about their cars than the Mopar crowd. These guys and gals are true enthusiasts, and they live by the "Mopar or no car" attitude. The North Georgia Mopar Club is based in the greater Atlanta area, but this visit included folks from other regions as well. We were honored to have them here, and our tour guide extraordinaire Raime gave them the grand tour of our place. Raime showed them Coker Tire, including the Museum, as well as Honest Charley Speed Shop, so these Mopar gurus got to see it all. Coker Tire The North Georgia Mopar Club raises 10-15 thousand dollars for charities each year, and they are 300 members strong as of 2012! If you want to see these fine Mopars, they will be holding a car show at the local Chattanooga Chrysler dealership tomorrow, February 4th, and riding around the back roads of Tennessee! To find out more about the club, and the MoParty in Chattanooga, check out their website at www.northgeorgiamoparclub.com! Coker Tire Coker Tire Coker Tire Coker Tire Coker Tire Coker Tire [caption id="attachment_2343" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Our wonderful tour guide Raime Brown showing off for the camera..."]Coker Tire[/caption] Coker Tire Coker Tire Coker Tire Coker Tire