Harley-Davidson motorcycles are iconic and they have an American heritage that spans more than 110 years. The company was founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a collaboration of engineering and fabrication involving William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, among others. When the Harley made its official debut in 1903, the world would never imagine the stronghold this brand would have on the motorcycle market. The brand grew and stands the test of time, while other early motorcycle manufacturers went by the wayside. The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has an incredible display of vintage motorcycles, including "Serial Number One", the very first Harley. 1903 Harley Davidson Recently, Bill Rodencal, the Vehicle Collections Specialist at Harley-Davidson Archives freshened up the original motorcycle with a set of our G&J 28x2-1/2 all-white button tread tires. The motorcycle has been perfectly restored, and preserved as a staple in the museum. The new tires look right at home on the bike, and offer the authentic look and brand of the early 1900's. We offer many other tires for vintage motorcycles as well. Harley-Davidson cares about its history, and takes great pride in showing off the motorcycles that gave the company a rocket ship ride to the top of the heap. They're still cranking out awesome bikes today, but the history of these early bikes offers something that simply "can't be bought". As part of the appreciation for its own history, Harley-Davidson created a cool timeline that offers year-by-year and decade-by-decade highlights of the company's climb to the top. Take a look at the timeline here. 1903 Harley Davidson Take a look at the very first Harley-Davidson and its new Coker Tire rolling stock, and be sure to check out the Harley-Davidson Museum if you're in the area. It's an unforgettable experience, even if you're not a diehard Harley rider!