Every year at the SEMA Show, we have a long list of companies to meet and greet. Some have a small presence at the show, while others bring a fleet of vehicles, multiple booths and dozens of employees. Our friends at Omix-ADA pull out all the stops and we're always excited to see what they bring out for the SEMA Show. Their display in the upper level of the South Hall is always impressive, and they typically include a few vintage Jeeps in the mix. This year, we stopped by and talked with Dave Logan, and he gave us the rundown on the awesome Jeeps in the Omix-ADA booth. omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada As Willys stepped into the civilian market after World War II, it had to rethink its sales strategy. Catering to families was a huge priority, as the baby boom was just beginning. On display in the Omix-ADA booth was a 1947 Willys station wagon, a utilitarian SUV that was certainly geared toward street use, instead of off road use. The truck was two wheel drive, and featured a four-cylinder flathead engine. It's rolling on a set of our BFGoodrich Silvertown 6.70-15 blackwall bias ply tires. Second on our trip through Jeep's SUV timeline is a 1949 Willys VJ Jeepster, a cool design that mixes SUV with a custom roadster look. This is a considerably rare model, compared to most other Jeeps. It was also two wheel drive and it rolls on a set of our BFGoodrich 670-15 wide whitewall bias ply tires. omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada Moving on to the '60s, the Wagoneer made its debut, and the example on display in the Omix-ADA booth is an excellent survivor with only 17,000 miles on the odometer. By this point, Jeep had stepped up the game with a 327ci V8 engine, and a much more capable driveline. This example is four wheel drive and rolls on a set of our BFGoodrich 820-15 bias ply tires with a narrow whitewall. Behind the Wagoneer is a vintage Fireball travel trailer, which is also shod with Coker whitewalls. Last but not least is the 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, a beautiful SUV that stood the test of time. The last of the true SUV workhorse, this Grand Wagoneer is rolling on our BFGoodrich 225/70R15 radials with a 3/8-inch pinstripe whitewall. Once again, Dave and the gang at Omix-ADA have blown us away with a great display of vintage Jeeps, and we're glad they continue to use authentic tires on this historic vehicles! omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada omix-ada