There's something about an old pickup truck. Such a simple plain old vehicle, just a tick above agricultural equipment. Even the guys in the 50 thousand dollar diesel one tons just stop and stare at an old hauler as it passes. An old pickup make us all kids again. My old F100 started life in 1953 as not much more than a work truck, a tool someone needed to get the job done. I usually keep this truck at the farm and use it just like it was built to be used. Haulin' stuff! A funny thing happened a few weeks ago, as I'd driven it in to work one day and ended up driving something else away. We rolled it into the museum to get it out of the way. A few days later we had a great car show, and you'd have thought there was a shining red Ferrari over in the corner of the museum, as people just flocked straight to that old truck to see it. There's not much done to dress the old truck up, it's just a good running '53 Ford. Old Truck, Old Bed The guys over at helped me out with the bed wood, when I did have to replace it. I mean what's a truck without a bed to haul stuff? These old beds suffer from the wood going away first. Their kits are top notch and fit just like OEM. I could have had a tough time selecting from all the hardwoods and exotic woods available. I'm a classic guy so the Hickory bed kit was perfect for that old truck. Their kits fit so many applications and you can imagine a Cocobolo bed on a a flashy show truck at the car show, or if you're like me, good ol' American Hardwood on a good ol' American truck! Corky and Jeff sport he new bed wood kit for the 1953 F100