140917_Rat_0041 Groups of gear heads visit our place on a regular basis, and do so by the hundreds during our Chattanooga Cruise In events. But we also cater to smaller groups and car clubs for special tours of our facility. We love opening the doors to our place and showing off our collection of cool stuff. In this case, the Rat Rod Tour, a group of rodders assembled by the folks at Rat Rod Magazine, visited our place on their way to the Redneck Rumble in Lebanon, Tennessee. Part of the tour involved the Rat Hard Build-Off, which involves a $3,000 budget and 30 days to build it--otherwise, there are no rules. There is no doubt that this was the most diverse group of cars, trucks and motorcycles to visit Coker Tire in quite some time, so we shot a bunch of pictures and video to cover the visit. Check it out here and enjoy lots of photos of some of the wildest rat rods on the planet! Check out some video hightlights of the rat rods at Coker! 140917_Rat_0078 140917_Rat_0010 140917_Rat_0016 140917_Rat_0026 140917_Rat_0019 140917_Rat_0002 140917_Rat_0060 140917_Rat_0029 140917_Rat_0089 140917_Rat_0097 140917_Rat_0100 140917_Rat_0091 140917_Rat_0047 140917_Rat_0108 140917_Rat_0080 [products]