Whew... Man this place is huge. We stayed super busy all day and walked a million miles to do everything, but it's amazing out here. If you turn your head to look at an amazing custom vehicle you'll walk into another one. They're everywhere, and everywhere and everywhere you look. Check out our Facebook page for the endless stream of cool cars and trucks (and bikes) that we're seeing out here. We even managed to see a few celebs like Adam Corolla, Tanner Foust, Chip Foose and of course the fabulous Miss Hurst Shifter Linda Vaughn among the many attendees. We're seeing a ridiculous number of rides wearing Coker tires out here too. If our feet can hold up, we'll keep posting all the cool cars and trucks we see to our Facebook page the rest of the week. Right now, we gotta get some sleep!!! And here's some bonus footage of a crazy Caddy that rolls on wide whitewall radials from Coker Tire, and Rocket Racing wheels!