The SEMA Show is full of highly customized, highly polished and highly publicized cars and trucks. But when you find a unrestored Ford Model A on the property, it stands out! The guys and gals at Hagerty Insurance started a cool program last year called the "Swap to Street Challenge", which involves Hagerty employees finding and building a car on the grounds at the massive AACA Fall Meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Last year, it was a very cool '46 Ford pickup and this year, they tackled the challenge with a Ford Model A. SEMA Show They started with a 1930 Model A chassis, and found a 1931 Murray-bodied slant window Model A sedan body to go with it. From there, they sourced a Flathead four-cylinder engine, and all of the parts to piece this car together. Davin Reckow and Matt Lewis were key players in the build, and they decided to forget the fenders to give their Model A some hot rod flavor. They called us in on the deal when it came time for tires and wheels. Keep in mind that this build is being started and finished during the Hershey Swap Meet, so there wasn't a lot of time. We had the perfect combination for the Model A, using Firestone 475/500-19 blackwall bias ply tires, mounted to authentic Model A wire wheels. After the build was complete, Davin and Matt hopped in the Model A and drove from Hershey back to the Hagerty home base in Traverse City, Michigan. We stopped by to see them at the SEMA Show, and it gave us a great opportunity to speak to them on camera and of course take a few shots of the car in all its glory. Check it out! SEMA Show SEMA Show SEMA Show SEMA Show