Team Coker is Number One!

Team Coker is Number One! Yes, that’s right. Number One! Team Coker won their final softball game of the season over Crush Med with a score of 13-11. The win ended the Chattanooga Metro Coed Softball league season with Team Coker the undisputed champions of the league. Coach “Eight Ball” Mary Smith was visibly excited and proud of our team. This last championship game was intense! We had a crowd in the stands too! The rest of the company really came out in support!

Team roster:

Mary Smith (Coach) Mary is exec asst to VP Finance, Kevin Loveday
Matt Anderson #00 sales
Rachel Burnett #9 ringer…works w Paul Wilson
Casey Coker #4 international sales
Meredith Farmer #8 ringer…(friend of Casey’s)
Jennifer Jones #15 ringer daughter of Keith Brown
Joe Good #82 distribution
Steve Jackson #36 sales
Kindall Jolly #69 special projects
Justin Lindsey #77 sales
JR Millican #32 sales
Andy Morrow #007 sales
Michael Overholt #23 distribution
Tracy Schrader #25 distribution
Mary Smith #13 finance
Dawn Thompson #3 finance
Jessica White #6 finance
Crystal Wilson #22 my executive assistant
Paul Wilson #2 ringer…Crystal’s husband

I was very proud of all the players and was pleased for the fun they had together. Our Coker Tire team is better at our business because of this great exercise in teamwork like playing on a coed softball team together. We had folks from accounting and finance, sales, customer service, shipping and distribution all working together to be Number One! Count on us! We will always try just as hard to be your Number One collector vehicle supplier!


Corky Coker

PS. Watch the blog! Day by day account of the Great Race is coming soon!