I was pouring my coffee and looking out the window when I saw them pulling in. You'd have to be running pretty low on life not to get excited when 1940s Fords pulling teardrops show up. Ted and Roberta Stouder's '46 Ford 2 door sedan pulling a repro '54 Benroy Teardrop hit the road from Hagerman,ID on September 18, covering 20 states and 6,800 miles. They've slept on the road in the teardrop and NO HOTELS! The built their teardrop from patterns of Ron Busche's 1954 Benroy original. Ron's 1947 Ford coupe pulls the original Benroy. Chuck Nippress and Barbara Dunsmore (and poodle Sweet Pea) left Adelando, CA on November 7th and drove their 1946 Ford pulling their restored '47 Kit brand teardrop to Daytona to meet the group. These guys are cooler than grits rolling down the road and peg the "hardcore" meter for sleeping in the little slices of Americana. Thanks guys for making our day and spending some time with us!