Rolling-Stock Steve Coonan, owner and editor of The Rodder's Journal magazine is a tried and true hot rodder. His magazine is the premier publication for hot rodders, and his photography is top-notch. Every issue (it comes out quarterly) is a keeper, and every issue is packed with excellent hot rods that roll on Coker Tire products. With that said, Steve Coonan's personal car, a black '32 Ford roadster, has our tires on it. Steve is a stickler for small details, as evidenced by his photography skills, but he admits that something as simple as a tire and wheel swap can provide a whole new look for a hot rod. He proved it by swapping tires and wheels multiple times at The Rodder's Journal booth at the Grand National Roadster Show this year. We loved the idea, because we offer such a broad scope of tires and wheels. He called us up and ordered three sets of tires to go along with the tires that were already on the car. Keep reading to see all of the combinations in use on his beautiful highboy roadster! Combination 1--Michelin XZX 145R15 front and Firestone Dirt Track 11.00-16 rear TRJ-1 Combination 2--Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial 5.00R16 and 7.00R18 mounted to Rocket Solid As-Cast 16x5 and 18x6 wheels. TRJ-2 Combination 3--Firestone Deluxe Champion 560-15 and 750-16 blackwall bias ply tires mounted to 15x5 and 16x7 Hot Rod Steel wheels. TRJ-3 Combination 4--Michelin XZX 145R15 front and M&H 12.00-16 nostalgia slicks. TRJ-4