In an ideal world, a vehicle in storage for more that six months should be placed on blocks or jack stands to remove the weight of the vehicle from the tires. If it is not possible to place the vehicle on blocks or jack stands, there are a few steps you can follow to help protect your tires:
  • Don't store the vehicle near electric motors or other ozone-generating sources
  • Inflate tires to recommended operating pressure. (Do not exceed the rim manufacturer�s inflation capacity)
  • If the storage surface is concrete, drive the vehicle on carpet squares or wood blocks
  • If your storage area is not heated, avoid moving the vehicle during extremely cold weather
  • Move the vehicle at least every three months to prevent ozone cracking in the tire bulge area, as well as �flat-spotting� from the prolonged strain of sidewall and tread deflection
  • Adjust inflation before putting the vehicle back into service