[caption id="attachment_3196" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The super-cool Hot Rod Ebay build gasser van.[/caption] After two full days pounding the show floor, the realities of why this show is so important have set in. Everyone is here. Every distributor, manufacturer and everyone who has anything at all to do with the automotive aftermarket is roaming the show floors striking the deals that make the industry turn. It's awe inspiring to say the least. You start imagining the original show back in 1967 when the deals were probably handshakes made in the bar after hours and how sophisticated it is now. The seminars, educational efforts and networking opportunities that go with the standard business efforts are simply amazing. The scope of the show is just plain difficult to explain without seeing it. We walked through the tool section this morning and looked at every booth as fast as we could. It took over three hours and there are at least five more areas of different focus that size or larger! At a full trot it might take 25 hours to run the isles of this place.... seriously! It's a good thing for everyone into motorized hobbies that there's a venue like the SEMA Show to bring it all together. And don't forget the little guy, there's story after story of life's savings poured into an idea, a 10'x10' tent with a few prototypes and one sweet purchase agreement builds a new company that becomes an industry leader in just a few short years. It's American business at it's finest, and not just America anymore, with the whole world showing up to see all of the products and technology flooding into our hobbies. So after the first two days, yeah it's big, it's important and our feet hurt! From the road! -The Coker Crew