Coker Tire President and CEO Wade Kawasaki is a lifelong car enthusiast, and he wants to take you along on his car guy adventures! For 2021 and beyond, Wade is planning to provide tons of great content, across several social media platforms, including a brand new Facebook page called "Wade Kawasaki's Car Guy Adventures". We're excited to follow that journey, and we're hoping you'll join him. He plans to attend all of the Mecum Auctions events in 2021, as well as many other awesome events, such as Goodwood, Hershey, Monterey Car Week, the Great Race and much more! The plan is to provide LIVE video coverage, extensive features of collections and special collector cars, and provide an exclusive look inside of Wade's garage.

You can check out all of the fresh content by FOLLOWING Wade Kawasaki's Car Guy Adventures Facebook page, and be sure to also check out Wad'es Instagram page and Youtube channel. You can also check out Wade Kawasaki's Linkedin profile, which offers additional content geared toward the automotive aftermarket as it pertains to business.

Wade Kawasaki Car Guy Adventures Facebook PageWade Kawasaki Car Guy Adventures Facebook Page
Wade Kawasaki Car Guy Adventures InstagramWade Kawasaki Car Guy Adventures Instagram
Wade Kawasaki Linkedin ProfileWade Kawasaki Linkedin Profile
Wade Kawasaki Car Guy Adventures Youtube ChannelWade Kawasaki Car Guy Adventures Youtube Channel

About Wade Kawasaki – What began as a childhood obsession with cars turned into a lifelong career in the automotive aftermarket industry. Now the President and CEO of Legendary Companies, Wade Kawasaki oversees the operation of several automotive aftermarket companies, including Coker Tire Company, Roadster Wire Wheels, Specialty Wheel, and more than a dozen associated brands within those companies.