If you have ever been present at a Great Race event in the thirty years we have existed, you know that our event is about God, Country, wonderful Old Cars, and family. We have a band or soloist sing or play the National Anthem and we always open our Great Race programs with a prayer for safety for the racers and thanksgiving for our great country. � Since Coker has owned the Great Race, I have had the honor of offering up this prayer twice per day during our events. Well, yesterday we witnessed first hand why we pray and we learned experiencially that God certainly hears those prayers. �One of our teams, Steve and Janet Hedke and daughter Allison competing in their V8 1928 Ford Roadster were rear-ended by a woman driving a full sized SUV. �The Hedke's were not stopped, turning, or changing speeds,....they were simply driving under the speed limit ...with seat belts on... down a straight New York two lane road. � �For some (I think divine) reason, at the very last second, the distracted driver swerved left to keeping her SUV �from hitting the roadster square in the rear instead hitting the left-rear Firestone tire pushing the Roadster around to flip on its side (not its top) and the offending SUV to the opposing ditch to subsequently flip upside down. � Other than bumps, scrapes, and bruises all three Hedkes were unhurt! Thank you to Reliable Carriers for hauling the Hedke's little roadster back to California, and the fine folks at Hagerty Insurance for immediately securing them a rental car. So, you now know why we pray! �And, we will unashamedly continue to pray for every single Great Race and Racer! From the road, Corky Coker