Chevrolet Cap | 7.5 inch Back I.D. | 1941-47
Chevrolet Cap | 7.5 inch Back I.D. | 1941-47
SKU 2032A
Brand Wheel Accessories
Cap Back Size 7.50 "
Finish Stainless Steel

Chevrolet Cap | 7.5 inch Back I.D. | 1941-47

This is a 1941-47 Chevrolet hub cap with blue lettering and red accents. These vintage style Chevrolet Center Caps feature an 7.5" back diameter. The 7.5" back inside diameter fits our Artillery wheels and 14"-16" Smoothie wheel sizes. Use these vintage style 7.5" Chevy hubcaps with compatible steel wheels for a classic dig dish look. Please check your actual wheels for the required cap fitment size. Coker Tire Company offers a huge selection of aftermarket hubcaps and wheels for collector vehicles.

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Product Questions & Answers

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will these hubcaps fit a 16 inch wheel on a 1940 chevy?
By joe c. on February 11, 2019

Note these caps have a 7.5" back diameter. To determine compatibility, measure across the raised, center ring of your existing wheel, where the bumps for a center cap are. If you read a diameter of 7.5" on your wheel, then this cap will fit.

Coker Tire Support on February 11, 2019
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