Firestone Bias Ply Tires

Firestone Tires Logo circa 1919Firestone Tires Logo circa 1919

Back when your favorite collector cars were new, bias ply tires were the only choice and it stayed that way until the mid ‘70s when tire manufactures began experimenting with radial construction. Collectible vehicles aren’t quite as collectible when they don’t have the right tires on them, so Coker Tire Company strives to provide car enthusiasts of all ages with the appropriate tires for their machine. Part of the process was bringing back discontinued tires, by using the original molds from various companies, and Firestone is the prominent bias ply tire in the immense Coker product line.

By manufacturing tires from the original molds, or building a new mold from original Firestone drawings, Coker Tire’s authentic bias ply tires are the real deal. The original lettering, the original sizing and the original styling is all there, in a brand new package, so these are not technically a reproduction tire—they’re the real thing. Whether you have a traditional hot rod, or a precisely restored classic car, a set of Firestone bias ply tires are a popular choice because of the rich heritage and quality finished product. Firestone bias ply tires are known for the fluted sidewall, often referred to as the pie crust look. With everything from original Model A tires to the very popular Dragster cheater slicks, Firestone has a wide range of tires to keep many car guys happy.

For the muscle car crowd, Coker Tire offers a line of Firestone Wide Oval tires, available with the classic raised white letter design, redline or white pinstripe. Coker also offers a wide range of Firestone military and vintage truck tires, which are of bias ply construction. With such a huge selection of Firestone tires; Coker Tire is without a doubt the leading source for collector car tires, especially when you consider the amount of sizes, styles and whitewall widths available—they’re in stock and ready to ship, call us Toll Free at 866.516.3215, or order them right here on the website!

Coker Tire Company Extended Tire ProtectionCoker Tire Company Extended Tire Protection

Worry Less, Drive More. Protect Your Investment With ETP.

Potholes, curbs, and road debris are everywhere and inevitably one of those unforeseen road hazards can leave you with a tire in need of repair or replacement. Our Extended Tire Protection plan is a 5 year replacement program for tires that become unserviceable or damaged from a cut, snag, bruise, impact, sidewall damage, or puncture caused by a road hazard. We even do all of this delivery FREE to you.

Look for the ETP Add-On when adding tires to your Shopping Cart.