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Model A Tires

When Ford introduced the Model A in the 1928 model year, it made an effort to improve upon the Model T platform, which made for a better driving, better performing machine. They were popular, and Ford sold millions of them, so it’s safe to assume this is a viable market for automobile restorers and hot rodders. The styling wasn’t as rudimentary as the earlier Fords, but it was simple enough to stand the test of time, so the Model A has proven to be a favorite among automotive enthusiasts of all ages. Coker Tire Company realized the demand for authentic replacement tires for the Ford Model A, and began producing genuine Firestone bias ply tires from the original molds.

Coker Tire also offers Model A tires in other brands, such as BFGoodrich and Excelsior, all of which feature a bias ply construction with authentic tread patterns. Each brand features sizes for early Model A wheels (21-inch diameter) and later Model A wheels (19-inch diameter). A variety of whitewall widths are available to fit 19-inch wheels, ranging from 2-5/8 inches to 4-3/4 inches and blackwall versions are also available from Coker. For 21-inch wheels, whitewall widths vary from 2-3/8 inches to 3-1/2 inches.

If the name brands like Firestone, BF Goodrich or Excelsior are priced too high for your budget, consider Coker’s Economy Model A tires. They feature an authentic tread design and appropriate sizes for 19- and 21-inch wheels, but the price is the biggest difference. Whether you want the 475/500-19 or 450/475-21, these tires cost $99 a piece.

Although Coker Tire is obviously known for its tires, it also produces a line of Model A wheels to replace bent or rusted originals. Coker builds them in the original sizes (19x3 and 21x3) and even offers powder coating for an additional charge. Six factory-style colors are available, and you can pick up a set of center caps while you’re at it. Coker Tire also carries the right tubes and hardware for your Model A.

Without a doubt, Coker Tire is a leading source for Model A tires and wheels. Ask a Tire Expert about free mount and balance when you purchase tires and wheels together. That’s a $100 value! With all of these great products, and deals that keep customers coming back, it’s no wonder Coker Tire is the leading supplier of tires and wheels for collector vehicles of all ages.