Coker Tire Now Offers Pirelli Tires for Classic Sports Cars

When it comes to high end sports cars, there are only a few tire brands that fit the bill. Pirelli carries a legacy that dates back to 1872, decades before car tires were a necessary commodity. In 1901, Pirelli began producing car tires, and never looked back. The brand was known for its excellent performance and reliability, traits that still carry on to this day. And while Pirelli continues to build high performance tires for modern sports cars, it also honors historic cars by producing many of its famous tire designs.

Pirelli Collezione 

The Pirelli product line for classic cars is called the Pirelli Collezione, and it includes several popular tire designs that fit thousands of classic car applications. From micro cars to luxurious sedans, the Pirelli Collezione offers period correct styling and unmatched performance. Take a look at some of the popular fitments included in the classic lineup.

Classic Ferrari with Pirelli tiresClassic Ferrari with Pirelli tires
Classic Ferrari with Pirelli tires

Stella Bianca

Pirelli introduced the Stella Bianca tire model in 1927. This tire led the way in 1920's tire technology with low inflation pressure, and a special tread pattern that featured a sophisticated desgin that remained in use for many years. You'll find Pirelli Stella Bianca tires on cars like Jaguar XK140, Maserati A6, Ferrari 250GT, Aston Martin DB2 and Alfa Romeo 2600. 

Stelvio Corsa

Beginning in 1951, the Pirelli Stelvio Corsa tire was a high end performer that was developed in partnership with Ferrari, and used on the famous Ferrari 250 GTO. We're proud to offer the Stelvio Corsa tire in 215/70R15 sizing, which fits a wide variety of cars. The tire carries at W speed rating, a very important factor in its popularity in high speed applications.


Pirelli offers 37 vintage tire designs that carry the Cinturato name. From the earliest designs, like the Cinturato CN54, which hit the market in 1947, to the Cinturato P5, which came out in 1977, we can cover thousands of sports car applications with the famous Pirelli Cinturato product line. Many popular sizes are available, and all have appropriate speed and load ratings.

Lamborghini Countach Pirelli TiresLamborghini Countach Pirelli Tires
Lamborghini Countach Pirelli Tires

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 was made famous by exotic sports cars like the Lamborghini Countach, De Tomaso Pantera and Ferrari 328. Coker Tire offers Pirelli P7 in a variety of sizes, making it easy to replicate original staggered fitments.

1974 BMW with Pirelli tires1974 BMW with Pirelli tires
1974 BMW 2002 with Pirelli tires

With nearly 50 Pirelli tire designs, ranging from the 1920's to the 1990's, we have the right tires to complete your sports car driving experience.

Ferrari F40 with Pirelli tiresFerrari F40 with Pirelli tires
Ferrari F40 with Pirelli tires