Phoenix Rear Slick | 10.5/31.0-15W




This Phoenix Race Tires 10.5/31.0-15W bias ply slick is the choice of champion drag racers, because of consistency and long life. This tire features a 11.7 inch tread width and measures 31.5 inches in diameter. From weekend warriors with door slammers to professional race teams with National Championships on the line, Phoenix Drag Tires are a great option for your high performance vehicle. If you're looking for 31.0/10.5-15W slicks these are a great choice! We measure, match and inspect every tire to assure they meet our standards of excellence. These slicks feature the Medium F9 compound. Made in USA!
GTIN 00842199101010
Brand Phoenix
Product Size 10.5/31.0-15W
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Painted White Letters
Rim Diameter 15
Overall Diameter (in) 31.5
Section Width (in) 14.7
Tread Width 11.70
Rim Width (in) 12
Drag Tire Type Track | Slicks
Traction Compound Medium Compound
DOT Certified Track Use Only
Drag Slicks Sizes 10.5/31.0-15W
Phoenix Rear Slick | 10.5/31.0-15W
Phoenix Rear Slick | 10.5/31.0-15W Phoenix Rear Slick | 10.5/31.0-15W Phoenix Rear Slick | 10.5/31.0-15W

Product Questions & Answers

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Are these slicks in stock? Do they come with matched roll out? Are they stiff sidewall? I havent ran Phoenix slicks in about 10 years, but am interested in giving these a try.
By Glenn Willett on July 27, 2017

These tires are in stock and measured and matched in pairs prior to shipping. Here is a statement regarding sidewall stiffness from our own resident drag tire expert: A stiff sidewall tire only means that the tire has extra sidewall construction stiffener above the bead area which limits the amount of wrinkle or wrap up. All drag tires have a certain amount of this with some having more than others. We do not market tires by stiff or regular at this time but try to design tires for the size and application which we think they are being used. The PH101 tires does have a extra stiffener in that area because of the size and application it is used. Some other companies tires may have more or less in this area but ours (this size) is designed for full bodied cars that needs a little extra reaction time and maximum traction.

Coker Tire Support on July 27, 2017
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what is the correct tube for the 10.5/31.0-15W
By Bob on September 28, 2018

Click Here for the proper tube.

Coker Tire Support on October 01, 2018
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What does this fire weigh
By Your Name (optional) on May 10, 2018

This tire weighs 28 lbs.

Coker Tire Support on May 11, 2018
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