Coker Classic | 2 1/4 Inch Whitewall | 165R15
Coker Classic | 2 1/4 Inch Whitewall | 165R15 Coker Classic | 2 1/4 Inch Whitewall | 165R15 Coker Classic | 2 1/4 Inch Whitewall | 165R15
Tire Series Coker Classic Radial
Brand Coker Classic
SKU 568745
GTIN 00842199100075
Product Size 165R15
Tire Construction Radial
Sidewall Style Wide Whitewall
Sidewall Style Width (in) 2.250
Radial Width 165 mm
Radial Aspect Ratio 80
Rim Diameter (in/mm) 15 inch
Overall Diameter (in) 25.25
Section Width (in) 6.5
Rim Width (in) 4.50 - 6.00
Max Load Capacity 1168@35 psi
Speed Rating S
Load Index 86
UTQG rating 350 BB
Construction Ply POLY/STEEL
DOT Approved Yes
Tube Type or Tubeless Tubeless

Coker Classic | 2.25 Inch Whitewall | 165R15




Coker Classic | 2.25 Inch Whitewall | 165R15

This 165R15 Coker Classic 2.25 Inch Whitewall Tire is a great choice for either front runners or smaller 15 inch aplpication needs. 165R15 is the perfect size for a Volkswagen Beetle, and it also fits many other European sports cars. Coker Classic Whitewall Radial tires introduced in 1995 are the first modern radial construction wide whitewalls. DOT and ECE (European Union) approved, with an all-season tread design and backed by our life of the tread warranty.

165R15 Tire Conversion Chart

Similar Size Radial Alternative: 560R15

Suitable Radial Replacement For: 5.90-15 Bias Ply Tire
Suitable Radial Replacement For: 6.00-15 Bias Ply Tire
Suitable Radial Replacement For: A78-15 Bias Ply Tire

1954-59 Austin-Healey 100-6 (5.90-15) 
1959-67 Austin-Healey 3000 (5.90-15)
1960-66 Daimler SP 250 (5.90-15)
1963-68 Fiat 1800 B Sedan (5.90-15)
1951-54 Henry J Standard (5.90-15)
1961-70 Peugeot 404 (5.90-15)
1956-60 Porsche 1500 (5.90-15)
1956-62 Porsche 1600 (5.90-15)
1956-68 Triumph TR3 (5.90-15)
1956-68 Triumph TR4, TR4A (5.90-15)
1971-74 Volkswagen 411,412 Wagon (5.90-15)
1953-59 Volvo PV 444 (5.90-15)
1960-66 Volvo 122 S (5.90-15)
1954-61 Allard Palm Breach (6.00-15)
1962-63 Oldsmobile F85 (6.00-15)
1961-63 Rambler 6-cylinder (6.00-15)
1959-63 Studebaker Lark (6.00-15)
1973-77 Volkswagen Super Beetle, Beetle (6.00-15)
1963-73 Volkswagen Squareback Sedan (6.00-15)
1953-60 Volvo 445 Duett (6.00-15)

Fits these models and others. Please refer to your owners manual for details on the correct tire fitment requirements for your model and trim level.

Available in Coker Classic Star Series Part# 737100

Genuine Wide Whitewall Tire

This product features a genuine wide whitewall sidewall style. This means that the bright white rubber is added directly to the tire sidewall during initial construction of the carcass, resulting in a truly integrated, high-quality product after vulcanization. Wide whitewall tires were a very popular choice from the 1930's through the end of the 1950's, and were eventually phased out of mainstream production by 1962. Originally, wide whitewall tires featured a bias ply construction, but now Coker Tire offers them in original style bias ply and modern radial construction.

Radial Tire Construction

Radial tires were first introduced by Michelin in the 1950's, and by the mid 1970's, all American cars came from the factory with radial tires. Radial tire construction means that the tire's ply layers are positioned at a 90 degree angle to the bead. This allows the tire to flex and glide over bumps and breaks in the road. Radial tires provide a smoother ride and longer tread life than bias ply tires. We offer wide whitewall radial tires, as well as narrow whitewalls, redlines, gold lines and high performance radial tires. 

Coker Classic Brand Collector Vehicle Tires

Coker Tire was founded in 1958 and many years of our history has been focused on supplying the collector vehicle market with authentic tires. Coker Classic is our house brand, which is a favorite among car restorers and enthusiasts around the world. We were the first to develop the wide whitewall radial, and it's still one of our most popular product lines to this day. Coker Classic tires are offered in both bias ply and radial construction, using modern materials to ensure proper fitment and handling for your collector vehicle.

Please Note

  • Tire mounted on wheel for demonstration purposes only. Wheel and other accessories are not included. Please note that dimensions listed (tread width, section width and overall diameter) are non-scientific and based on an inflated tire, mounted to a wheel. Dimensions may vary due to rim width and inflation pressure.

Product Questions & Answers

(61) People thought this was helpful
Hi, Will this tyre fit a 1953 MGTF wire wheel ?
By Rod on March 06, 2019

Great question, The answer is: YES! This is the factory conversion radial size for your vehicle.

Coker Tire Support on March 07, 2019
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Do you need tubes for these tires?
By Christopher Keller on August 16, 2018

These do not require tubes unless you will be mounting them on rims that do not hold a seal, such as wire rims.

Coker Tire Support on August 16, 2018
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Is 165 R 15 the same size as 165 SR 15 ?
By Your Name (optional) on March 09, 2018

Yes, it is the same size. The difference is the speed rating. This Coker Classic does not note the speed rating in the size, white other tire brands do. An S rated tire is capable of 112 MPH top speed sustained.

Coker Tire Support on March 09, 2018
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