BF Goodrich | 2 1/2 Inch Whitewall | 670-15




These beautiful classic BFG 670-15 wide whitewall tires have stylish pie crust upper sidewalls and authentic tread designs. These tires are constructed as genuine 2.5 inch whitewalls from the first step for a high quality finished product. BF Goodrich Bias Ply pie crust wide whitewall tires are also available with narrow whitewalls for later model classics. Made in the USA!
SKU 57300
GTIN 00842199105261
Brand BF Goodrich
Product Size 670-15
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Wide Whitewall
Width Bias Ply 6.70
Rim Diameter 15
Overall Diameter (in) 28
Section Width (in) 7
Tread Width 4.50
Rim Width (in) 4.50 - 5.00
Max Load Capacity 1450@32 psi
Construction Ply 4 PLY POLY
Tube Type or Tubeless Tubeless
BF Goodrich | 2 1/2 Inch Whitewall | 670-15
BF Goodrich | 2 1/2 Inch Whitewall | 670-15 BF Goodrich | 2 1/2 Inch Whitewall | 670-15

Please Note

  • Tire mounted on wheel for demonstration purposes only. Wheel and other accessories are not included.

Product Questions & Answers

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does "BFGoodrich" and he tire size "670-15" appear anywhere on the sidewall, and bonified for carshow judging?
By Your Name (optional) on April 29, 2016

Yes, the brand and size information are on the sidewall as in the original molds. If there is any question as to car show judging, it is often best to check with the judging organization itself for requirements and limitations.

Coker Tire Support on May 02, 2016
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need replacement tires 1948 chevy fleetmaster 6.70 4 ply br gr with white wall currently on car thanks ps car orginal shape
By jim on February 27, 2016

The 1948 Chevrolets did have an optional tire size of 670-15. You may place your order right here whenever you are ready!

Coker Tire Support on February 29, 2016
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