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Coker Tire Company's award-winning Bias Look Radial American Classic tire is made in the USA and thoroughly tested to ensure superb quality for your collector vehicle. You can trust that American Classic Wide Whitewall Radial tires are ready for the road, but they're also ready for the show field with beautiful styling and a whitewall that is built in to the tire from day one. The genuine whitewall construction, along with the "pie crust" shoulder and vintage-style tread pattern give this tire the original look, while the steel belted radial internals make it the perfect choice for a car that will see plenty of miles. This is a tubeless tire, but keep in mind that tubes are required on some OEM and reproduction wire wheels.

Brand American Classic
Tire Construction Bias Look Radial
Sidewall Style Wide Whitewall
DOT Approved Yes
Tube Type or Tubeless Tubeless
American Classic Bias Look Radial | Whitewall
American Classic Bias Look Radial | Whitewall American Classic Bias Look Radial | Whitewall American Classic Bias Look Radial | Whitewall sidewall American Classic Bias Look Radial | Whitewall tread

Please Note

  • Bias Look Radial tires feature genuine radial tire construction with bias ply tire size, profile and styling. These tires are built in brand new molds using modern materials and tooling. Typically the sizing is the same as their Bias Ply equivalents with the addition of 'R' in the size value.

Product Questions & Answers

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When I turn the steering wheel while standing still will the American bias look radial tire will the steering be easier than the standard radial tire.
By Your Name (optional) on July 08, 2018

The bias look radial is generally a narrower tire, so it will be easier if you do not have power steering. This is the beauty of the bias look radial and partially why we developed it. You get the dimensions and authentic look intended for the car but with an improved ride and handling.

Coker Tire Support on July 09, 2018
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What should the tire pressure be on the 670 15 on my 54 Ford Customline 2 door
By Rich on August 18, 2018

We recommend 35PSI for our American Classic 670R15.

Coker Tire Support on August 20, 2018
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Proper tire pressure for American Classic radials
By Pete on January 17, 2020

We recommend 35 PSI standard running pressure.

Coker Tire Support on January 17, 2020
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