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With origins dating back to 1872, Pirelli has been producing high quality tires since the dawn of the automobile. Pirelli tires roll beneath the world's finest cars, and the company still produces many of its famous, historical designs that fit classic sports cars. Coker Tire is proud to offer Pirelli's classic product lines, including the Stella Bianca, Stelvio Corsa, P600, P700-Z, PZERO and the full line of Pirelli Cinturato tires. With sizing to fit cars from 1927 through the 1990's, our selection of Pirelli tires provides authentic fitment and excellent performance for thousands of applications. 

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Pirelli Tires Fit Classic Sports Cars with Cinturato, PZERO and More Iconic Tire Designs

With exception of the Pirelli Stella Bianca, all tires in the product line feature a radial construction and are speed rated for maximum performance. Rim diameter fitments range from 12 inches to 18 inches, and width vary from micro car sizing to the massive 345/45R15 Cinturato P7 tires. No matter your preference of size, our Pirelli tires are the perfect option for high end sports cars, exotic cars and high speed road cars from the 1920's through the 1990's.