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These Blackwall Firestone Dragster tires are cheater slicks, designed for nostalgia drag cars, hot rods and rat rods. These tires are available in a few sizes for 15 and 16 inch wheels and look fantastic in a big-n-little combination on a hot rod. Authentic pie crust slicks have 'just enough' tread to be DOT approved, yet still have the vintage drag race styling. These tires are an excellent combo when paired with our other Firestone Deluxe Champion bias ply tires on the front and are also available with genuine whitewalls. Firestone Cheater Slicks are bias ply tires, and they feature a compound that is great for the street or strip. The four ply polyester construction makes for a sturdy tire for any hot rod application. Coker Tire Company produces these Firestone cheater slicks in brand new molds built from the original Firestone drawings, so they are as authentic as you can get! Proudly Made in the USA!
Brand Firestone
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Drag Tire Type Street | DOT
Firestone Dragster Cheater Slick | Blackwall
Firestone Dragster Cheater Slick | Blackwall Firestone Dragster Cheater Slick | Blackwall Firestone Dragster Cheater Slick | Blackwall Firestone Dragster Cheater Slick | Blackwall

Product Questions & Answers

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I have these tires now. When I did a burn out it left a slightly rough textured patch around the center of the tire. What happened here? Is this normal? Do I need to do a few light burnouts on smooth pavement to smooth out the center again?
By Jason on May 17, 2018

Thanks for reaching out! Our Firestone Cheater Slicks have a harder DOT compound than drag slicks and probably won’t perform as a true drag slick. From what you have described, you are seeing what some have referred to as "fuzzing." This happens when tires go through an "over burnout" process and in most cases happens as a result of low air pressure. When this occurs the tire is heated so much it starts pulling the rubber off the tire. You might be able to swap sides with the tire/wheel assembly and add air pressure, then maybe do another lighter burnout. This might clear it up. Please keep in mind that these are designed for DOT applications and not to be used as a true drag tire. More burn out is not good. When tires start to smoke, they have achieved friction and their optimal sticky surface. Continuing to burn them will only lead to problems like this and will not make them hook any better, and will often make them worse.

Coker Tire Support on May 17, 2018
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how tall are these? What is the diameter?
By Echo Tescier on July 29, 2018

We are not able to see the size you have selected from the drop down menu. Please let us know which size and we will be happy to assist further. You are also welcome to select the size from the drop down and click on the specifications tab for all dimensional information.

Coker Tire Support on July 30, 2018
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current tire size is 29.5/10.5 - 15w, what is the closest with these tires?
By Adam Derr on August 21, 2019

Hi there, Our 820-15's would be the closest in overall dimensions. They roughly translate to a 30.5/10.5-15 Thank you for your question.

Coker Tire Support on August 21, 2019
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