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The wait is over! We’re proud to announce the new Firestone Wide Oval Radial tire, a product that will bridge the gap between authentic bias ply tires and modern radials. Designed and manufactured in the USA, using new molds and materials, this tire features authentic sidewall markings and tread pattern, with radial construction. This is the ultimate muscle car tire! Available in five sizes to fit 14- and 15-inch wheels, Firestone Wide Oval Radial redline tires offer fitments of most muscle car applications. The tires feature a 3/8-inch redline with all of the correct markings on the sidewall. These tires are DOT approved, and S speed rated—that means they are ready for the open road! It’s time to put a set of Firestone Wide Oval radials on your muscle car.

Brand Firestone
Tire Construction Bias Look Radial
Sidewall Style Redline
Firestone Wide Oval Radial | Redline
Firestone Wide Oval Radial | Redline Firestone Wide Oval Radial | Redline

Please Note

  • Please note that dimensions listed tread width, section width and overall diameter are non-scientific and based on an inflated tire, mounted on a wheel. Dimensions may vary due to rim width and inflation pressure.

Product Questions & Answers

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Would a GR70-15 be close to the same height and width of 225 70R-15
By Phil on April 05, 2018

Yes, it would be very close in size! A GR70-15 would be considered a replacement size for 225/70R15.

Coker Tire Support on April 05, 2018
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Will these Firestone FR70-15 redline tires (bias look radials) have clearance for use on a 1967 corvette?
By Your Name (optional) on February 02, 2019

These are very similar in size to the original equipment 775-15s standard on a 1967 Corvette. They will be slightly shorter, and slightly wider and there should not be any clearance issues.

Coker Tire Support on February 04, 2019
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Hi , I purchased a set of firestone radial wide oval red line tires for a 1966 Pontiac GTO. I am wondering what correct inflation pressure is . Thanks
By Ernie on August 30, 2019

We generally recommend 32-35 PSI. 35 PSI for sharper handling and steering response, but this may be reduced to as little as 32 PSI for a softer ride.

Coker Tire Support on September 03, 2019
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