Coker Classic | 3 1/4 Inch Whitewall | G78-14




Coker Classic G78-14 bias ply wide whitewall tires are an excellent upgrade for a car that originally had 800-14 tires. This includes many American classic cars from the 1950s and 1960s, like Chevrolet Impala, Ford Thunderbird and many more. The G78 tires also work well on hot rods and custom cars, as the 3.25 inch whitewall provides the timeless old school look. Coker wide white wall tires feature genuine whitewall construction and authentic deluxe tread designs. These Coker Classic bias ply wide whitewalls are made in the USA. DOT and ECE (European Union) approved, and backed by our life of the tread warranty. Please note that dimensions listed tread width, section width and overall diameter are non-scientific and based on an inflated tire, mounted on a wheel. Dimensions may vary due to rim width and inflation pressure.
SKU 55481
GTIN 00842199104516
Brand Coker Classic
Product Size G78-14
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Wide Whitewall
Width Bias Ply G78
Rim Diameter 14
Overall Diameter (in) 27.1
Section Width (in) 8.35
Tread Width 5.38
Rim Width (in) 5.00 - 7.00
Max Load Capacity 1620@32 psi
Construction Ply 4 PLY POLY
Tube Type or Tubeless Tubeless
Coker Classic | 3 1/4 Inch Whitewall | G78-14
Coker Classic | 3 1/4 Inch Whitewall | G78-14 Coker Classic | 3 1/4 Inch Whitewall | G78-14 Coker Classic | 3 1/4 Inch Whitewall | G78-14

Please Note

  • Tire mounted on wheel for demonstration purposes only. Wheel and other accessories are not included.

Product Questions & Answers

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Will the g 78-14 fit a 1957 chevy bel air?
By Pete on March 31, 2016

The 1957 BelAir had a factory tire size of 750-14, with an option for 800-14 which is equivalent to a G78-14. So, yes, the G78-14 is an acceptable tire for 1957 BelAir models.

Coker Tire Support on March 31, 2016
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Hi, I need to confirm that these tires would fit a 1957 Chevy Belair 14 inch wheel. I feel sure that this is the size of tire that I currently have but just want to confirm before ordering.
By Your Name (optional) on June 19, 2018

Yes, the G78-14 tire size will fit the 14x5 wheels you have.

Coker Tire Support on June 19, 2018
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Can you put these tires on an old trailer
By Craig on April 09, 2016

That depends on a lot of factors. Do these match the size of tire currently on the trailer? Does the rim width recommendation and load capacity listed under specifications match your wheel and meet or exceed the weight of the trailer. There are many things to consider. For more assistance, contact us at 1-800-251-6336, or

Coker Tire Support on April 11, 2016
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