M&H Cheater Slick | 30/14.0-16LT




M&H Racemaster 30/14.0-16 Cheater Slicks feature a bias ply construction, just like a regular drag racing slick, but they have "just enough" tread to pass DOT testing. Sizing is a little different on these tires compared to standard race tires, as the 14.0 width refers to the section width (not the tread width). For this particular tire, you can expect a 30 inch diameter, 11 inch tread width and 14 inch overall width. These street legal cheater slicks offer excellent traction with the popular M&H HB11 compound. M&H Racemaster tires are made in the USA!
Brand M&H Racemaster
Product Size 30/14.0-16LT
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Rim Diameter 16
Overall Diameter (in) 30
Section Width (in) 14
Tread Width 11.00
Rim Width (in) 10
Drag Tire Type Street | DOT
Traction Compound Medium Compound
DOT Certified DOT Certified
Drag Nostalgia Sizes 30/14.0-16LT
M&H Cheater Slick | 30/14.0-16LT
M&H Cheater Slick | 30/14.0-16LT M&H Cheater Slick | 30/14.0-16LT M&H Cheater Slick | 30/14.0-16LT

Product Questions & Answers

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can i run these on a 11" rim this is a show car not raced SKU MHD011
By Chet on September 15, 2017

We recommend adhering to the rim width set by manufacturer regardless of intended use.

Coker Tire Support on September 15, 2017
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what is the min. width of rim you can use
By steve on February 25, 2018

Per the specifications tab, the recommended rim width is 10".

Coker Tire Support on February 26, 2018
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