M&H Radial Front Runner | 185/55R17
M&H Radial Front Runner | 185/55R17 M&H Radial Front Runner | 185/55R17 M&H Radial Front Runner | 185/55R17
Tire Series Drag Radial
Brand M&H Racemaster
Product Size 185/55R17
Tire Construction Radial
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Radial Width 185 mm
Radial Aspect Ratio 55
Rim Diameter (in/mm) 17 inch
Overall Diameter (in) 26
Section Width (in) 6.6
Rim Width (in) 5
Max Load Capacity 1201@35 psi
Drag Tire Type Front Runner
DOT Certified DOT Certified
Drag Front Sizes 185/55R17

M&H Radial Front Runner | 185/55R17



These M&H Racemaster 185/55R17 Radial Front Runner tires offer light weight and reduced rolling resistance, as well as fitment for late model cars with large front brakes. M&H Racemaster engineered the first purpose built drag racing tire back in the 1950s and still makes highly competitive tires for multiple drag racing and street applications. If you're looking for 185/55R17 front runners, these are an excellent choice! Made in USA!

Please Note

  • Tire mounted on wheel for demonstration purposes only. Wheel and other accessories are not included. Please note that dimensions listed (tread width, section width and overall diameter) are non-scientific and based on an inflated tire, mounted to a wheel. Dimensions may vary due to rim width and inflation pressure.

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