1920-40s Antique

1920-40s Antique Automobile Tires

Antique cars, while a segment defined in different ways by different organizations, are typically pre-war era cars including the popular Ford Model A. Some states may define antique cars as 25-3o years old, we start a little further back than that in our appreciation for vintage automobiles. Our catalog features many tires for brass era cars from the teens and older, and tires for cars from roughly World War I through the early forties. AACA defines antique car as 25 years or older with classics defined as 20-49 years old. States typically define antiques as 20-30 years or older, usually regarding registration.


Pre-War Cars and Trucks

Depending on who you're talking to, antique can mean a few decades old all the way back to a century old. There certainly is a debate to be had on the specific years covered by the classification. No matter what the designation is, we have most model years covered. Whether you're idea of an antique is a 1917 Mercer or a 1936 Ford Coupe, trust Coker Tire Company for the most authentic tires and wheels available on the market today.

Our huge inventory features Firestone, BF Goodrich and much more. Contact a Tire Expert for assistance selecting the correct tire for your application.