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VW Smoothie cap | 5 lug wheel

This Volkswagen Center Cap is designed to fit OE style 5 lug Volkswagen wheels. Plain moon style Volkswagen hubcap covers the wide wheel center for a classic VW look. Please check your actual wheels for the required cap fitment size. Coker Tire Company offers a huge selection of aftermarket hubcaps and wheels for collector vehicles. NOTE: Clips on Wheel.
  • Brand: SpecialtyWheel
  • SKU: 101061
  • Finish: Chrome

Product Questions & Answers

What year do these fit? I have the wide 5 (5x205) whrels
By Andrew Marqueling on February 16, 2019

These are made to fit all classic Beetles, Super Beetles, and Type 3 VWs. This cap SKU# 101061 is the 5 lug version.

Coker Tire Support on February 18, 2019
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primed smoothie wheels. 18 x 8 which center cap is compatible? VW smoothie 5 lug?
By Kris on March 07, 2016

The 17 inch and 18 inch Smoothie wheels are unique in that they require 7 inch diameter caps. If you are looking for a plain moon cap to fit an 18 inch Smoothie, this is the correct cap.

Coker Tire Support on March 07, 2016
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