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Coker Tire offers the most comprehensive line of collector tires and wheels in the world. Our wheel selection includes OE-style steel and wire wheels, hot rod steel wheels, custom aluminum and steel classics such as the Smoothie and Gennie wheels. Choose from hundreds of sizes, widths, offsets and finish options to get the exact look for your car or truck. We also feature a complete line of caps, trim rings and accessories for our wheels.

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Steel Wheel. The Real Deal Car Wheel.

Explore our extensive collection of 15x10 rally wheels, designed to cater to the diverse needs of classic car enthusiasts like you.

Chevy Rally Wheels 15x10: Upgrade your Chevy with our 15x10 rally wheels that perfectly blend classic aesthetics with modern performance. Whether you're restoring a vintage beauty or giving your truck a touch of timeless style, our Chevy rally wheels are the perfect choice.

Magnum 500 Wheels 15x10: Discover the iconic Magnum 500 wheels in a 15x10 size, adding a touch of muscle car heritage to your ride. These wheels boast a classic design that suits various applications, making them a favorite among car enthusiasts seeking that perfect retro look.

C10 Rally Wheels 15x10: For C10 truck owners looking to make a statement, our C10 rally wheels in 15x10 size deliver the perfect combination of style and performance. Upgrade your C10 with these wheels to achieve that classic, aggressive stance.

Cragar SS Wheels 15x10: Embrace the timeless appeal of Cragar SS wheels in a 15x10 size. These wheels are a symbol of classic American muscle, delivering a perfect balance of style and strength for your vehicle.

Quality and Fitment: At Coker Tire Company, we prioritize quality and precision fitment. Our 15x10 rally wheels are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring durability and a seamless fit for various applications.

Explore Our Collection: Browse through our wide range of 15x10 rally wheels, including options for 5x5 and 6 lug patterns. Whether you're restoring a classic Corvette or enhancing your truck's appearance, Coker Tire Company has the perfect set of wheels for you.

Revitalize your vehicle with the classic charm of our 15x10 rally wheels. Shop now at Coker Tire Company and elevate your driving experience to new heights.