15x6 Buick Skylark Wire | 5x5" bolt | 3.00" backspace




This 15x6 inch Buick Skylark wire wheel offers authentic fitment for classic Buicks from the 1950's. Our wheels are made with the highest standards in a manufacturing facility in the United States. It features a 5x5 bolt pattern and 40 stainless steel spokes that are sealed on the inside of the rim allowing you to use this without a tube. As this is a tubeless wheel, remember the valve stems! Our chrome sleeve stems are a great pairing. This wheel requires special lug bolts (not standard studs and nuts) and we have those available as well.
SKU SKY565300R
Backspacing 3.00
Wheel Size 15x6
Vehicle Application Buick Skylark
Bolt Pattern 5x5
Finish Stainless Steel
Brand Roadster Wire Wheels
Product Size 15x6
15x6 Buick Skylark Wire | 5x5" bolt | 3.00" backspace
15x6 Buick Skylark Wire | 5x5" bolt | 3.00" backspace

Product Questions & Answers

Will they fit 1960 Buick Invicta with 5 on 5 bolt pattern.Do they come with center caps?
By Frank Capozzi on February 03, 2019

It is very possible they may fit an Invicta. They are the same width, diameter, and bolt pattern as the stock wheels for that car. However, because they are meant for the Skylark the back space may not be the same. It will be important for you to measure your current back space and compare before ordering. Here is a guide to help you if you have not done this before: Click Here Also, please note that these wheels are on a long term back order and we do not know when we might get more. However, if you have further questions, please let us know.

Coker Tire Support on February 04, 2019
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Will these wheels fit my 1956 Mercury Montclair with 5 on 5 bolt oattern
By Hal Record on June 15, 2018

These may fit your car, but we suggest you measure for fitment before purchasing. We cannot insure fitment as this wheel was only designed for the Buick Skylark.

Coker Tire Support on June 15, 2018
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