Wide White Wall Tires | Wide White Tires

Whether you’ve just entered the world of classic cars, or if you’ve been an enthusiast for decades, white wall tires are the most recognizable aspect of collector cars, especially those built prior to the 1970’s. Many cars rolled out of the factory on white wall tires, so it’s no coincidence that a variety of tires are available for such vehicles. Coker Tire Company is the leading supplier of tires and wheels for collector vehicles of all ages, and offers an immense lineup of white wall tires, many of which are built from the original molds. That means the tire is not considered a reproduction—it’s the real thing.

If you’re wondering about tire sizing and white wall widths, there are plenty of ways to study up and figure out the right tire for your car. Here’s a general rule of thumb: If your car was built before 1954, it would’ve featured a three-inch (or wider) white wall and if it was built after 1964, it would’ve come with a one-inch (or narrower) white wall. As you can see, white wall widths gradually shrunk as the years went by, but at the same time, tire technology grew tremendously. During the 1970’s, tire manufacturers began producing tires with a new process, which deemed them as radial tires—a drastic update from the bias ply tires of the time.

Fast forward a few years, and collector car enthusiasts had the urge to drive their classic machines with the comfort of a modern car. This led to the development of the first wide white wall radial tire: The Coker Classic. Other manufacturers followed suit, building nostalgia radials to meet the growing demand for modern tires with the look of old. And while they aren’t completely accurate to vintage automobiles, in terms of tire structure and design, radial tires make a big difference in ride quality and give you the classic look of a wide white wall.

Just because wide white wall radials are a big hit doesn’t mean that the original-style bias ply tires lost any of their value among restoration shops, traditional hot rodders or those enthusiasts wanting the original feel behind the wheel. Coker Tire offers many different brands if you’re in the market for bias ply tires, including Firestone, BFGoodrich, U.S. Royal, and many more. For anything from hot rods to pristine restorations, these tires are built specifically for collector cars and come in a variety of sizes and styles. White wall widths vary from 3/8-inch pinstripes for muscle car applications, all the way up to 4-3/4 inches for classic cars like Packard or Cadillac. In fact, Coker actually offers tires for clincher wheels that are completely white rubber—now, that’s a wide white wall! Such tires are available with smooth tread or with the infamous Firestone Non-Skid pattern.

With its enormous variety of tires, in both bias ply and radial construction, it’s hard to go wrong with Coker Tire. All of its tires are built from scratch with a true whitewall, rather than adding on the white sidewall after the tire is manufactured, like some competing companies. It all comes down to quality, and with American-made products, Coker Tire can assure only the best tires for your pride and joy.