At Coker Tire, we specialize in all things vintage. While the majority of our wheel offerings have been constructed of steel, we are proud to now offer the Vintage Wheel Works product line! These cast aluminum wheels provide the classic styling of vintage racing wheels without the high cost and limited availability of originals from the 1960s. We currently have three styles in stock, with a wide range of sizes to fit hot rods, muscle cars and even vintage race cars. Sizes range from skinny 15x4-inch front runners up to 17x9 inch wheels for Pro Touring style cars and restomods, and the wheels are available in both small GM (5x4.75) and small Ford (5x4.5) bolt patterns. All wheel finishes feature a machined outer lip and a cast center for the classic look, and all wheel prices include a center cap and accompanying screws. Here's a closer look at the four designs: V40, V45, V48 and V50. 

The Vintage Wheel Works V40 wheel is a classic five-spoke wheel that features straight spokes. Sizing availability ranges from 15x4 to 17x9, and prices start at $117 each. 

The Vintage Wheel Works V45 wheel is another classic design with D-shaped spokes with deep ties to road racing history. Sizes range from 15x4 to 17x9 and prices start at $108.90 each.

The Vintage Wheel Works V48 wheel offers another throwback to the heyday of road racing, thanks to a timeless eight-spoke design. The V48 is available in 16x8 sizing to fit 4x4.50, 5x4.50 and 5x4.75 bolt patterns. 

The Vintage Wheel Works V50 wheel is a throwback to Mustang Shelby wheels released in the 1960's, but it is now available in modern sizes, such as 15x7 and 16x8.