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Coker Tire productsCoker Tire products

Coker Tire is known around the world for manufacturing wide whitewall tires for classic cars. The fact of the matter is that classic cars from the 1950's and 1960's are our bread and butter, so whitewall tires perfect match that segment of the automotive hobby. However, Coker Tire offers way more than just whitewall tires, and we continue to strive toward filling voids in the classic car market. That's why we're constantly developing new products, and seeking out new tires and wheels to carry in our immense warehouses in Chattanooga, Tennessee and City of Industry, California. This includes tires for new markets, such as 1980's and 1990's cars, vintage off-road trucks and much more. As part of our initiative to reach into new markets, we're bringing in new products regularly and we're proud to share our extensive product lines with you here. Take a look at our tires and wheels, and you'll find the diversity of our product lines cover more than 100 years of cars, trucks and motorcycles. 

American Classic whitewall tiresAmerican Classic whitewall tires

The American Classic brand features a wide variety of classically styled radial tires, incluing wide whitewalls, narrow whitewalls, redlines and gold lines. Wheel fitments range from 14 through 21 inches, which includes radial tire fitments for the Ford Model A. Also included in this product line is the world’s first radial tire with a vintage bias ply appearance! We call it the "Bias Look Radial" and it's available in 9 sizes to fit classic cars, hot rods and customs from the late 1940's through the early 1960's.

All together, the American Classic product line offers fitments from 1928 through the lat 1970's, with several size and sidewall options to fit your needs. Whether you're restoring a 1957 Chevy or a 1976 Cadillac or anythign in between, the American Classic radial gives you a smooth ride, and the reliability of tubeless, steel-belted radial construction. These tires are proudly made in the USA and they're a premier option for handling and appearance.

American Classic bias look radial tiresAmerican Classic bias look radial tires
Avon tires for classic sports carsAvon tires for classic sports cars
Avon tires for classic carsAvon tires for classic cars

Coker Tire Company is now the exclusive distributor of Avon tires in North America. Coker Tire brought on this new brand as an great option for European sports cars from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. Avon is known for its racing tires, and its street-legal tires are bred for the same level of performance and safety. Included in this product line are several iconic tire models:

Avon Turbospeed: A line of speed-rated bias ply and radial tires for sports cars.

Avon Turbosteel: Steel-belted radials for vintage sportscc ars and luxury sedans.

Avon Tourist: A bias ply tire available in 550-16 and 600-16 sizing.

Avon Super Safety: This speed-rated bias ply tire is available in 640H15 sizing.

Avon Traction Mileage: An authentic off-road tire for a Vintage Land Rover.

BFGoodrich Classic TiresBFGoodrich Classic Tires

Our exclusive BFGoodrich Silvertown product line features a wide variety of sizes to fit classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars and more. We offer BFG tires in vintage style bias ply tires (shown), as well as modern radials with period correct whitewalls, redlines and gold lines available. Perfect for your Corvette restoration!

We also offer the famous BFGoodrich Radial T/A, which is one of the most popular muscle car tires in the world. With sizes to fit 13-, 14- and 15-inch wheels, the Radial T/A is versatile and affordable.

Another addition to the BFGoodrich product line is the g-Force Sport COMP-2 and the g-Force COMP-2 A/S. With more than 100 options, this tire line offers fitment options for modern cars and restomods.

BFG Classic TiresBFG Classic Tires
Coker Classic whitewall tiresCoker Classic whitewall tires
Coker Classic whitewall tiresCoker Classic whitewall tires

Coker Classic tires offer direct fitment for a wide range of vehicles, ranging from classic Cadillacs, early Fords and even Triumph TR6 sports cars. Included in this line is the 16-inch Bias Profile Radial, a tire made famous by its direct fitments on Pre WWII Fords, Packards and more. Other styles are the standard P-Metric radial (shown), which offers an excellent range of sizes to fit 14- and 15-inch wheels. 

The Coker Classic brand also includes a great selection of bias ply tires, ranging from 650-13 tires all the way up to high pressure tires for clincher rims. The sweet spot for the Coker Classic bias ply product line are the alphanumeric fitments, such as H78-15, which fits numerous full size classics, such as Cadillac, Lincoln and more. They're also very popular for customized cars, because of the extra wide whitewall. 

Cushman scooter tiresCushman scooter tires

Coker Tire is known for its whitewall tires for classic cars, but it also manufactures a wide range of motorcycle and vintage scooter tires. This includes authentic brands, like this Cushman tire. This product line includes popular sizes like 600-6, 475x775 and 400-8. We also offer a tire and wheel package (shown) which comes with your choice of a blackwall or whitewall 475x775 tire and a steel wheel. Perfect for your Cushman Super Eagle 100 restoration project!

Cushman Scooter tiresCushman Scooter tires
Dunlop classic car tiresDunlop classic car tires
Ensign classic car tiresEnsign classic car tires
Dunlop classic car tiresDunlop classic car tires

Coker Tire Company is now the exclusive distributor for Dunlop Sport Classic tires and SP Sport Aquajet tires in North America. Coker Tire brought on this new line as an excellent option for European sports cars, ranging from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. Dunlop’s racing heritage trickles down into its street-legal radials, as each Dunlop Sport Classic tire is speed rated and ready for action. The Sport Classic product line features 15 sizes, while the SP Sport Aquajet is available in six sizes.

Additionally, Coker Tire offers Ensign tires, available in Universal Trials and Universal Road tread patterns for vintage European and Japanese motorcycles. The Ensign Triple Road Race (shown, right) is available in 450H19. This triple-stud design is a speed-rated bias ply tire, designed to replace 27x4.40 tires. This tire offers fitment on MG T-series, Riley, BMW 328, Bugatti and many more competition-bred sports cars from decades past.

Ensign classic car tiresEnsign classic car tires
Excelsior vintage tiresExcelsior vintage tires
Excelsior Vintage TiresExcelsior Vintage Tires

The Excelsior product line is made up of dozens of rare tire fitments, many of which are only available at Coker Tire Company. The product line includes bias ply tires, available in standard and metric rim fitments, and sizing to fit European and American automobiles from the 'Teens through the 1960's. There is also the Excelsior Competition product line, offering H-speed rated triple stud tires for a wide range of vintage road race cars. The Comp H tires are FIA and VSCC eligible.

The most popular tire model in the Excelsior product line is the Stahl Sport Radial. This is a tire that features a European block tread pattern with many sizes to fit 1928 through 1948 cars and trucks. These tires offer the vintage profile and sizing nomenclature (ex. 600R16), but the addition of the "R" designates radial construction. These tires are often used on hot rods, Pre-WWII restorations, and they're a common upgrade for cars that compete in the Great Race rally.

The Exclesior Stahl Sport Radial is an American-made tire with a wide range of fitment for your 16- through 21-inch wheels. You can mix and match for the perfect hot rod stance!

Firestone Deluxe Champion

The famous Firestone Deluxe Champion tire (shown) features a bias ply construction with the iconic piecrust shoulder, zigzag tread and Firestone sidewall lettering. These tires are available in wide whitewall, narrow whitewall, blackwall, redline and gold line with sizing options ranging from 13- to 21-inch wheel fitments.

Firestone Balloon

Firestone Balloon tires are designed for high end luxury cars from the 1920's and 1930's, offering authentic and direct fitment on vehicles such as Duesenberg, Packard and more!

Firestone High Pressure

Another segment in the Firestone product line is our selection of high-pressure tires for 1900's through 1920's cars. This includes the famous "Non Skid" tire.

Firestone deluxe champion bias ply tiresFirestone deluxe champion bias ply tires

Firestone Motorcycle Tires

Firestone Deluxe Champion motorcycle tires are one of the most popular options for American motorcycle restorations, as well as custom builds. Other Firestone tires include the ANS tread, as well as clincher rim fitments for early 1900's motorcycles.

Firestone Military Tires

Another popular segment in the Firestone product line is vintage military and off road tires. We offer authentic NDT and NDCC military tires in original style sizing for vintage Jeeps and other military vehicles. Knobby treads are available to fit early Willys Jeeps. 

Firestone F560 Radials

In addition to our extensive Firestone bias ply product line, we also offer the Firestone F560 radial tire. This is an affordable blackwall tire option for classic sports cars and Volkswagen Beetles. With sizes such as 165R15, it's also a great option for hot rod front runners!

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 is a modern iteration of the iconic Baja-proven off-road tire. There are 39 sizes with options for many wheel fitments for classic and modern trucks. These tires are 3PMS-rated for excellent winter traction.

Goodrich Silvertown Cords are the ultimate high pressure tire for cars built from the 1900's through the 1920's.

Firestone Wide Oval F70-15 RedlineFirestone Wide Oval F70-15 Redline

The Ultimate Tire for your Muscle Car!

Firestone Wide Oval Radial FR60-15Firestone Wide Oval Radial FR60-15
Firestone Wide Oval Pinstripe whitewall F70-15Firestone Wide Oval Pinstripe whitewall F70-15

Firestone Dragster

The glory days of drag racing may be behind us, but you can relive the nostalgia with Firestone Dragster cheater slicks. Available in whitewall and blackwall, these tires look great on an old school gasser! The tires are available in four sizes to fit 15- and 16-inch wheels, and they're DOT approved (although we wouldn't suggest driving in the rain with them).

Firestone Dragster Cheater slicksFirestone Dragster Cheater slicks

Firestone Dirt Track

Available in original and new sizing, the Firestone Dirt Track tire is a DOT approved rendition of a classic dirt racing tire from the 1950's. The fronts feature a ribbed tread pattern and the rears feature a diagonal grooved pattern.

Firestone Indy

Another part of our Firestone Specialty line is the Firestone Indy tire. We produce several styles, ranging from early days of Indy car racing, all the way into the 1960's. We also sell paint pens, giving you the option to color in the letters.

M&H Racemaster cheater slickM&H Racemaster cheater slick

The M&H Racemaster brand is the originator of the purpose-built drag racing tire. Way back in the 1950's, M&H changed the drag racing world and hasn't looked back ever since.

Today, the M&H Racemaster brand includes dozens of sizes and styles of high performance tires. From conventional bias ply slicks to DOT approved Cheater Slicks (shown), Drag Radials and much more, M&H tires has a lot to offer the ever-changing drag racing community. Coker Tire is proud to be a full line distributor for M&H.

M&H Racemaster logoM&H Racemaster logo

Coker Tire offers a huge selection of Michelin Classic products. This includes a variety of highly accurate radial tires for vintage European sports cars.

The Michelin Classic product line features many famous tires that rolled beneath cars like Jaguar, Ferrari, Fiat, Triumph, Aston Martin, Austin Healey and many more. Product models include the X Radial, XZX Radial, XAS Radial, XWX Radial and more. 

Michelin Classic also manufactures a line of bias ply tires for 1920's and 1930's vehicles, in addition to a line of racing tires, designated the TB5, TB15 and PB20.

Michelin is constantly expanding its Classic tire line, with new products such as the new Whitewall radials, Primacy, Pilot Exalto and a long line of future development, catering to current and upcoming trends in the market.


Michelin classic 165R15 tireMichelin classic 165R15 tire
Phoenix Race Tires PH18S tirePhoenix Race Tires PH18S tire
Phoenix Race Tires logoPhoenix Race Tires logo

Born from over 50 years of drag racing history, Phoenix Race Tires offers race-winning traction and down-track stability. Coker Tire is proud to offer Phoenix Race Tires is DOT approved front runners, as well as a great selection of bias ply and radial slicks. Phoenix Race Tires is a competitve tire option in the No Prep Racing community, specifically the PH18S, which is a 28x10.5 inch slick with stiff sidewalls. With fitments and compounds to accommodate the weekend warrior or professional racer, Phoenix Race Tires has a firm grip on the drag racing market with affordable, American-made race tires.

premium sport logopremium sport logo

The Ultimate Lowrider Tire

Coker Tire manufactures the Premium Sport 520-13 and 520-14 bias ply tires with one thing in mind: serving the Lowrider community with an accurate, affordable and safe tire. Our Premium Sport tires are available in narrow whitewall and wide whitewall, and they are eight-ply rated for reliable service on full size Lowriders from the 1950's through the 1980's. 

Premium Sport Coker 520Premium Sport Coker 520
Pro Trac N50-15 bias ply tiresPro Trac N50-15 bias ply tires
Pro Trac tire logoPro Trac tire logo

Pro Trac tires are a flashback to the 1970's! Built in original molds (with modern materials, of course), these tires are an excellent choice for your Street Machine, Day 2 Muscle Car or even your old school gasser. Mix and match the 560-15 front runners with the super wide rears for the perfect combo!

US Royal vintage tire logoUS Royal vintage tire logo

U.S. Royal Bias Ply

U.S. Royal tires are manufactured in the USA, using the original molds. The goal is to create a historically accurate and reliable bias ply tire for classic car restorations. We manufacture U.S. Royal tires in wide whitewalls, narrow whitewalls, blackwalls and redlines.

We offer O.E. tire fitments for thousands of applications, thanks to a great selection of sizes, such as 650-13, 750-14, 670-15, 820-15 and more. You'll also find three 695-14 bias ply tire options for your classic Mustang, including 5/8-inch whitewall, 7/8-inch whitewall and the famous dual redline.

US Royal Vintage whitewall tireUS Royal Vintage whitewall tire
Vredestein Sprint Classic radial tireVredestein Sprint Classic radial tire
Vredestein Classic tire logoVredestein Classic tire logo

When it comes to high quality radial tires, Vredestein is one of the world's leading manufacturers. We're proud to offer the Sprint Classic product line, the Sprint + product line and the Grip Classic 205R16 vintage off road tire. Many of the tires feature H and V speed rating, providing reliable service for high performance sports cars.

With sizing that ranges from 13- through 17-inch wheel fitments, the Vredestein radial product line is designed to fit many European sports cars from the 1940's all the way up into the 1990's and beyond. 


Cragar wheel logoCragar wheel logo

The Cragar S/S is one of the most recognizable aftermarket wheels in the automotive world. It was introduced in 1964 and became an instant classic for hot rods, muscle cars and drag cars. Coker Tire is proud to now offer the iconic Cragar S/S wheel, specifically the Series 61C product line. 

The Cragar S/S Series 61C is available in 10 sizes, ranging from 15 by 4 and a half inch front runners to giant 15x14 inch rears and everything in between. 17-inch fitments are also available. 

The Series 61C features a direct drilled bolt pattern that accepts standard lug nuts, making for easy installation. The wheels are available in all popular five-lug bolt patterns, as well as six-lug. Center caps are included with all Cragar wheels at no additional charge.

Cragar SS wheelsCragar SS wheels
Dayton Wire wheelDayton Wire wheel
Dayton Wire Wheel logoDayton Wire Wheel logo

Dayton Wire Wheel's spline-drive wheels are a replica of the Rudge spline-drive wire wheel found on many vintage British and Italian sports cars. Dayton's design, however, incorporates a variety of improvements, such as forged hubs and the exclusive Perma-True technology. The end result is better vehicle handling, smoother ride and longer wheel life.

Roadster wire wheel logoRoadster wire wheel logo

Roadster Wire Wheels manufactures the world's finest wire wheels for classic American automobiles. This includes cars like the Ford Thunderbird, Cadillac, Packard, and so many more. Proper fitment is accomplished with specific bolt patterns, backspacing and spoke orientation for each model. With high end materials like stainless steel spokes, and beautifully polished finish quality, Roadster Wire Wheels are the top choice for restoration experts around the world. We also offer a wide variety of accessories, like authentic center caps in the Roadster Wire Wheel product line.

Ford thunderbird wire wheelFord thunderbird wire wheel
Specialty Wheel Magnum 500 wheelSpecialty Wheel Magnum 500 wheel
Specialty Wheel logoSpecialty Wheel logo

If you're restoring a classic car or muscle car, or perhaps building a hot rod or a custom, steel wheels are the proper choice for authentic appearance and strength. Specialty Wheel manufactures high quality steel wheels in the USA, and holds itself to a high standard for workmanship.

You can rely on the wheels to be round and true, and free of any finish blemishes. The Specialty Wheel product line covers thousands of applications, from all original fitments to larger-than-stock sizing for custom builds. Custom powder coating is available for an additional charge on wheels such as the Smoothie, Hot Rod Steel and Hot Rod Wire.

Coker Tire Company Extended Tire ProtectionCoker Tire Company Extended Tire Protection

Worry Less, Drive More. Protect Your Investment With ETP.

Potholes, curbs, and road debris are everywhere and inevitably one of those unforeseen road hazards can leave you with a tire in need of repair or replacement. Our Extended Tire Protection plan is a 5 year replacement program for tires that become unserviceable or damaged from a cut, snag, bruise, impact, sidewall damage, or puncture caused by a road hazard. We even do all of this delivery FREE to you.

Look for the ETP Add-On when adding tires to your Shopping Cart.

Firestone Deluxe Champion tiresFirestone Deluxe Champion tires
Firestone Wide Oval LogoFirestone Wide Oval Logo

Firestone Wide Oval tires are an all-time favorite for muscle car enthusiasts. This iconic tire debuted in 1967 and evolved until bias ply tires were phased out of O.E. production in the mid 1970's. We offer a great selection of sizes with authentic markings and tread pattern. Our Wide Oval bias ply tires are available in Pinstripe Whitewall, Redline and Raised White Letter. We also offer a radial version of this famous tire, which is a great option for folks who want the original look and a smooth, radial ride.

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Michelin classic tire logoMichelin classic tire logo

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