Chevrolet Rallye Wheels | A Timeless Steel Wheel for Your Classic Chevy

Chevrolet Rallye WheelChevrolet Rallye Wheel

The Chevrolet Rallye wheel has been a popular choice for Chevy muscle cars and Corvettes since its inception in 1967. These wheels took standard steel wheels to the next level with a five-window design and brightly-finished accents. Before the Rallye wheel came out, new Camaro, Chevelle, Chevy II, El Camino and Camaro buyers had choices between standard and deluxe hubcaps, but styled steel wheels didn't enter the fold until 1967. The Corvette had an aluminum "knock off" wheel option, but all other Chevy passenger cars had very few options. Other companies had already jumped on the styled steel wheel bandwagon--Ford and Pontiac led the way with great-looking designs for the Mustang and GTO. Chevrolet would partner with Kelsey Hayes to design and manufacture the new Chevy Rallye wheel, but neither company could imagine the legacy this optional wheel would create.

Chevrolet Rallye WheelChevrolet Rallye Wheel

The availability of disc brakes helped spur the introduction of the Rallye wheel, as the five oval-shaped slots offered cooling for new brake system. Additionally, it provided a sporty appearance, compared to full wheel covers of the past. In 1967, the Chevy Rallye wheel was offered in three sizes: 14x5 for Chevy II, 14x6 for Camaro and Chevelle and 15x6 for Corvette.

Chevrolet continued to offer the wheel on various models until the 1980's. By the end of its run, the Rallye Wheel had been produced in many sizes and backspacing configurations, based on its intended use. For instance, a 15x6-inch Chevy Rallye was available in various backspacing, one specifically for the 1967-1968 Camaro Z28 and another that fit several applications.

The early 1980's saw the end of the Chevy Rallye wheel on production cars, but Chevrolet continued to offer new replacement wheels for many years. You could order them at your local Chevrolet dealership. 

Fully dressed, the Chevrolet Rallye wheel offers a stylish appearance to complement any car from the muscle car era. While some vehicles equipped with Rallye wheels did not have trim rings, the bright finish of a polished stainless steel trim ring gives the appearance of a chrome rim. Center caps are interchangable on all Chevy Rallye wheels. Original center cap designs included Derby Caps, Disc Brake Caps and Police Caps. Aftermarket designs came along many years later to give enthusiasts even more options.

Specialty Wheel produces Chevrolet Rallye wheels in a wide variety of sizes, right here in the USA. Whether you're going with original sizing or stepping up to a larger diameter or width, we have the right fit for your vehicle. We even have fitments for classic truck bolt patterns (5x5, 5x5.5 and 6x5.5 inch patterns). We offer Chevy Rallye wheels in Silver powder coat and chrome finishes. All 14 and 15-inch Rallyes feature a direct fit bolt pattern. The 16, 17 and 18-inch Rallye wheels feature dual bolt patterns (5x4.5 and 5x4.75 patterns).

Chevrolet Rallye WheelChevrolet Rallye Wheel

With sizes ranging from 14x5 to 18x8 inches, there are lots of options. Even if you want a 15x4-inch Rallye front runner and a 15x10 Rallye wheel for the rear, we can make that happen. Building a pro touring style car and want 17 or 18 inch Rallye wheels? We got 'em! The cool thing about the alternative sizes is the fact that original or our reproduction center caps will fit. 

Derby Caps

Derby caps were used on many passenger cars, muscle cars and Corvettes from the late '60s into the '70s. We offer Derby Caps in several designs: with and without the Bowtie, with and without Chevrolet Motor Division Script.

Chevy Rallye Derby CapChevy Rallye Derby Cap

Disc Brake Caps

The original "Disc Brake" cap was a popular choice for Camaro, Chevy II, Chevelle and Corvette from 1967 until 1969. It's a low profile design with a timeless look and Chevrolet Motor Division script. We offer them with and without the Disc Brakes script. 

Chevy Rallye Disc Brake CapChevy Rallye Disc Brake Cap

Police Caps

Police caps are an alternative center cap choice for Chevrolet Rallye wheels. The smooth look is popular for custom cars. We offer authentic Police Caps with and without the Bowtie in the center. We offer other designs, such as Baby Moon and Knockoff caps.

Chevy Rallye Police CapChevy Rallye Police Cap

The Corvette Rallye - Codes, Fitment and Originality

Corvette Rallye WheelsCorvette Rallye Wheels

When Chevrolet introduced the Rallye wheel for the 1967 Corvette model year, it used the DC code Rallye wheel, a 15x6-inch wheel with 3-1/2 inches of backspacing. The DC code was stamped in large letters near the valve stem, and the 1967 wheels did not have date codes stamped into the wheel. To add to the confusion, Chevrolet offered DC code Rallye wheels on other cars from 1967 to 1970, but most of them also featured date code stampings. For 1968, the Corvette came with AG code Rallye wheels, which measured 15x7 inches with 3-3/4 inches of backspacing. Chevrolet introduced the AZ code Corvette Rallye wheel in 1969, a 15x8 with 4 inches of backspacing. It was used on many 1969 through 1982 Corvettes. While these wheels quickly became the most common of all Chevy Rallye wheels, they can also be some of the most valuable, if the date codes fit some of the more desireable 1969 through 1972 Corvettes. Coker Tire offers high quality reproductions of these iconic Corvette Rallye wheels to match the sizing and backspacing configuration of DC Code (SKU CVT156), AG Code (SKU CRPS157SG334) and AZ Code (SKU CVT158) Corvette Rallye wheels.

Chevy Rallye Wheel CodesChevy Rallye Wheel Codes

When looking at original Rallye wheels, you can quickly determine the originality, based on whether or not it has the two-letter code or a date code stamped near the valve tem. The example above is a Corvette AZ wheel, but a closer look at the date code reveals that this was not an original production wheel. The "K" stands for Kelsey Hayes, the 1 is the manufacturing plant designation and the "85" is the year of manufacture. Earlier wheels had a one-digit year code, so a code of K19 could indicate a wheel produced in 1969 or 1979. Other codes on the wheel above include the number "11", which indicates the month of manufacture, and the number "7" indicates the day of the month. So, these K185 11 7 AZ wheels were built on November 11th, 1985, according to the codes. Chevrolet was no longer offering Rallye wheels on new Corvettes, so that tells us this is a dealership replacement wheel. It is still suitable for use, but it is not quite as valuable as a wheel with earlier date codes.

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