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Drag Race

Tire Evolution

When M&H Racemaster designed the world’s first purpose-built drag racing slick in 1954, it was a revolutionary tire. But by today’s standards, it doesn’t have much to offer. Now, drag racers can choose from dozens of sizes, styles and compounds, and take advantage of more than 60 years of tire technology. Dragracetires.com is your source for today’s greatest drag racing tires, offering Phoenix Race Tires and the legendary M&H Racemaster brand.

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stick it to the competition

Horsepower is a drug that all drag racers are addicted to, and when you find more horsepower, it usually means the next challenge is trying to hook it up on the track. There are a lot of factors that go into planting your horsepower to the ground, and tires are a great place to start. We offer top-of-the-line drag racing tires for many applications, with many compounds and configurations, including lightweight, DOT approved front runner tires.

Chassis setup

While tires are an important factor in transferring horsepower to the racing surface, you must also pay close attention to the chassis and suspension setup to take full advantage of a sticky tire. Drag cars are built with a widely adjustable suspension, while street cars can be a little more tricky to adjust. Weight balance and weight transfer are the key elements in hooking up on the drag strip, but you have to have a tire that will take the beating. That’s where we come into play!

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