525/550R17/18 Tube | TR11 Offset Metal Stem




This is a 525/550R17/18 tube with a TR11 Offset Metal stem. This radial tire tube fits many popular collector vehicles and is a great match to our nostalgic bias look radial tires. These tubes have a TR11 Metal stem and the valve stem location is Offset. Recommended application is for Radial. Recommended tire fitment is for a 525/550R17/18 tire. Fits 525-550 width, 17-18 inch diameter tires. TR11 stem is threaded metal stem 1 1/2 inch tall with 5/16 inch diameter. Actual item may differ from inner tubes for sale photo. Hartford brand tubes are built to meet our specifications using premium grade materials. They are designed specifically for their applications, to provide a high quality inner tube solution and reliable service life. These are excellent quality tubes, available in a wide range of sizes for collector and specialty vehicle applications.
SKU 86120
GTIN 00842199106015
Brand Hartford
Tube Diameter 17", 18"
Product Size 525/550R17/18
525/550R17/18 Tube | TR11 Offset Metal Stem
525/550R17/18 Tube | TR11 Offset Metal Stem 525/550R17/18 Tube | TR11 Offset Metal Stem

Product Questions & Answers

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What ishe weight of this Radial tube? vs a Bias Ply tube? I purchased Coker tubes several years ago, and the radial tube was twice as heavy, is this still true?
By Charles Ptacek on November 03, 2016

All tubes we currently offer are the heavier-duty, radial tube. These tubes can be used in both bias ply and radial tires, but are in fact heavier and capable of withstanding the additional stress and heat radial tires produce.

Coker Tire Support on November 04, 2016
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