Inner Tubes

Coker Tire Company offers hundreds of authentic tires for vehicles from the early 1900s through the mid-fifties, and the tubes that fit them. Quality tubes are available from Coker Tire Company in the correct size and stem placement for your application. Not exactly sure which tube you need? Contact a Tire Expert for assistance.

History of the Inner Tube

Frank Herzegh applied for a patent in 1946 while working for B.F. Goodrich. Herzeghs patent was for a tubeless tire design, and came in the wake of several other attempts to patent this technology. While earlier attempts to patent the tubeless tire saw very limited production success, in 1952 B.F. Goodrich received the patent and by 1955 tubeless tires were standard equipment on new cars. B.F. Goodrich fought a few legal battles over their patented tubeless design, ultimately winning out due to the key difference in their design. The butyl rubber used in their tubeless tire design, was far more airtight than earlier rubber compounds used by their competition. Most every car, truck and motorcycle before the mid-fifties needed a tube.