Buick Skylark 2 Bar Spinner Cap




This is a Buick Skylark 2 Bar Spinner cap for Buick wire wheels. Dress your classic Buick wire wheels with this spinner center cap to complete the package. This is an excellent accessory for our premium stainless steel spoked Buick Skylark wire wheels.
SKU 1036
Brand SpecialtyWheel
Cap Back Size 2.75"
Finish Chrome
Buick Skylark 2 Bar Spinner Cap
Buick Skylark 2 Bar Spinner Cap

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Product Questions & Answers

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How is this part mounted to the wheel? Pictures or a description of mounting hardware (if any is included at all???) would be extremely helpful.
By Anthony on December 12, 2017

The cap snaps into the wheel it is designed for and is held in by spring loaded friction plates. It is not intended for use on rims other than the Buick Skylark.

Coker Tire Support on December 13, 2017
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