Michelin XAS | 165HR13 82H
Michelin XAS | 165HR13 82H Michelin XAS | 165HR13 82H Michelin XAS | 165HR13 82H Michelin XAS Tires
Tire Series XAS
Brand Michelin
SKU 51220
Product Size 165HR13 82H TL
Tire Construction Radial
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Radial Width 165 mm
Radial Aspect Ratio 80
Rim Diameter (in/mm) 13 inch
Overall Diameter (in) 23.2
Section Width (in) 5.8
Rim Width (in) 4.50 - 6.00
Service Description 82H
Speed Rating H
Load Index 82
DOT Approved Yes
Tube Type or Tubeless Tubeless

Michelin XAS | 165HR13 82H




The XAS is a high quality Michelin radial for many popular European applications requiring a 13-15 inch radial tire and authentic styling. These radial tires feature Michelin's XAS tread pattern and an H speed rating. From its launch in 1965, the Michelin XAS remained the reference tire until the end of the seventies. The first tire with an asymmetrical tread pattern, the inside and outside of Michelin XAS tires work differently to give the car a good balance. Michelin made progress by differentiating the many elements that form the tire, leading to the creation of the XAS. The XAS was constructed taking into account the different kinds of work done by the shoulders, sidewalls and different parts of the crown, depending on whether they are on the inside or outside relative to the car. Just like a persons foot is asymmetrical, the inside and outside of a tire work differently to give the car good balance and sure handling. This major advance allows the XAS tire to give remarkable stability,? exceptional road holding ability and exceptional levels of grip in all conditions.? The first production tire designed to run at 210km/h, (131mph), its exceptional performance led to the XAS being used in racing in Formula France in 1968, circuit racing, rallies and hill climbs.


1984-87 Dodge Charger (OE with P165/80R13)
1984-91 Dodge Colt Vista (2WD/FWD), w/aluminum wheels(OE with P165/80R13)
1984-90 Dodge Omni Anmerica,SE (OE with P165/80R13)
1980-83 Fiat 124 Spider (OE with 165R13)
1980-81 Fiat Brava (OE with 165R13)
1982-85 Ford EXP Base,HO (OE with P165/80R13)
1980-81 Honda Accord SE,LX,Hatchback (OE with 165R13)
1980-85 Mazda RX-7 S w/aluminum wheels (OE with 165HR13)
1981-87 Mercury Lynx GL,RS,GS,GS Wagon (OE with P165/80R13)
1980-81 Nissan 510 (OE with 165R13)

1980 Plymouth Arrow GS,GT (OE with 165SR13)
1984-90 Plymouth Horizon America,SE (OE with P165/80R13)
1984-85 Plymouth Turismo (OE with P165/80R13)
1985-89 Subaru DL Wagon (4WD) (OE with 165SR13)
1993-95 Subaru Impreza L (FWD) (OE with 165/80R13)
1991-94 Subaru Loyale Wagon (4WD) (OE with 165SR13)
1986-89 Subaru XT DL (FWD) (OE with 165SR13)
1980-83 Subaru Trucks Brat DL (OE with 165R13)
1987-91 Toyota Celica ST (OE with 165SR13)
1980-92 Toyota Corolla DLX,Coupe,Liftback,1600 Sedan,LE,SR5 All Trac (OE with 165SR13)

Fits these models and others. Please refer to your owners manual for details on the correct tire fitment requirements.

165R13 Tire Conversion Chart

Suitable Radial Replacement For: 5.60-13 Bias Ply Tire

Suitable Radial Replacement For: 5.90-13S Bias Ply Tire

Suitable Radial Replacement For: 6.00-13 Bias Ply Tire

Similar Size Radial Alternative: 165/80R13

H Speed Rating

H Speed Rated: Up to 130 mph (210 km/h). Often required OE for higher performance trim level classic automobiles.

XAS Tire Series

Michelin XAS Tire Vintage French AdvertisementMichelin XAS Tire Vintage French Advertisement

The MICHELIN XAS: an asymmetric tread pattern for greater driving precision. Stability & road holding when cornering. Thanks to an asymmetrical sculpture, the tread pattern works differently inside and outside to provide stability and road holding.

Fitments for Porsche, MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, Lotus, Honda, BMW, Sunbeam, FIAT, Nissan, Lancia, Alfa, Citroen, Peugeot and others.

Michelin Brand Collector Vehicle Tires

Michelin is known for its high quality tires, and we keep thousands of popular Michelin tires in stock every day. Our Michelin product offerings include fitments from the 1920's all the way into the 2000's, with an intense focus on classic sports cars. Build quality, fitment options and period correct styling makes the Michelin product line a favorite among sports car enthusiasts around the world.

Please Note

  • Tire mounted on wheel for demonstration purposes only. Wheel and other accessories are not included. Please note that dimensions listed (tread width, section width and overall diameter) are non-scientific and based on an inflated tire, mounted to a wheel. Dimensions may vary due to rim width and inflation pressure.

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