Simplex Servi-Cycle | 26x2.50




Simplex was founded in the late 1920s on the idea that there was a market for motorcycles for younger riders. The now legendary Servi-Cycle first appeared in the mid-thirties and remained virtually unchanged for many years after. Coker Tire Company proudly offers the 26x2.50 tire specifically for select restored and surviving Servi-Cycle models. This Simplex Servi-Cycle tire features an authentic ribbed tread design with Servi-Cycle script in the center rib of the tread. The Coker Online Motorcycle Tire Store features dozens of unique and hard-to-find antique motorcycle tires for collectors and restorers.
Tire Series Simplex Cycle
Brand Simplex
SKU 74778
Product Size 26x2.50
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Motorcycle Sizes 26-2.50
Rim Diameter 21
Overall Diameter (in) 26.5
Section Width (in) 2.5
Rim Width (in) 1.63
Tube Type or Tubeless Tube Type
Simplex Servi-Cycle | 26x2.50
Simplex Servi-Cycle | 26x2.50 Simplex Servi-Cycle | 26x2.50

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