BFGoodrich® Performance

Mount, Balance, and Nitrogen Fill

Rule the Road with BFG g-Force

BFGoodrich is a leader in high performance tires, and the g-Force series is a long running product line with excellent performance and price. We’re proud to offer BFGoodrich g-Force tires in both the Sport COMP-2 and COMP-2 A/S designs. Between these two product lines, there are more than 100 products, giving you lots of choices for OE and custom fitments. The beauty of the BFG g-Force product line is the high performance capabilities. The Sport COMP-2 is a summer tire with great grip and handline, while the COMP-2 A/S handles all seasons nicely.
With rim diameter fitments ranging from 15 inches all the way up to 22 inches, our BFG Performance product line is great for sports cars, and modern muscle cars from the 1980’s through the modern era. They’re also a great option for restomods or any vintage car with large-diameter wheels. The best part about our BFG g-Force offerings is the value! These tires are affordable and offer good tread life with a 340/AA/A UTQG rating, as well as W and Y speed ratings (depending on the size) to handle whatever you want to throw at them. Whether you’re looking for the correct size tires for your 1980’s classic or something to fit your modernized muscle car, we have a great selection of sizes.